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Woop Woop! It’s Holiday Time!

Hello You!

Well, I’m about to sign out for a month.  Mr Him is changing jobs and has a month’s freedom before locking down into his next long-term contract, so he’s asked me if I could cut the chains to my computer and enjoy the summer with him.

Gosh, that was a tough one.  Chill out in the sun, go biking, visit family and … generally mess about like someone with no responsibilities? Oh, you twisted my arm. 😉

I’ll tell you about our adventures when we return.

We will often be seen like this: (If we go further than the park, yes, we do put sensible gear on – I guess it’s naughty to bike like this at all, but I doooo make him go ever so slowly when we’re in shorts – being a bit of a wimp at heart! 😉


Have a wonderful summer, whatever you do, and look forward to seeing you next month!

Till then ..

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