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Why Do People Share Food

Why Do People Share Food

Have you ever noticed how people want to ‘please’ others with food?

Food is such an important communicator. It ‘speaks’ more than we realise.

I love the Thames riverbank during spring and summer months; such a tippedy top way to relax at the end of a working day.

Why Do People Share Food

It’s lovely watching the passing pleasure cruisers, kayakers, general activity and the occasional posing duck.  Most obliging, this little man.  Looked me straight in the eye, he did, directly responding to the call: ‘Here Ducky Wuckyyy.”

Why Do People Share Food

A few evenings ago, the sun was still bright and warm at 6pm.

After a hop and a skip upstream, I returned to park up on a bench facing the river. Tucked behind a cluster of trees nearby was a family of five. As dad took charge of the barbecue, a posse of three young boys danced around their mother.

The aroma of marinaded meat was too tempting. Haha.

Five pairs of eyes focused on me as I waved the cloud of barbecued food towards me.

“Mmmmm, the first taste of summer!” I called out.

Seconds later, a woman called from behind me “Hello! Would you like to try?”

I looked round and there was mum, walking towards me holding out a bowl full of cooked spare ribs!

Delicious, by the way. 😉

They’re local to us and hail from Georgia. We had a lovely time chatting about her homeland and the fermented recipes she learned as a young girl.

Food speaks. For sure. 🙂

Their oldest son George took the photo below.

I look forward to sharing lots of healthy food ideas with you on this blog.





















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