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Which Milk is Best

Which Milk Is Best

“Look into my eeeeeeeeyesssss” she instructed.

I was there for an iridology reading, so yup, that was a pretty sensible start.

There, I was in Thailand in Spring 2009, cosied up under a pergola with a giant magnifying glass slap bang in my face.

“If you were healthy, your eyes would be blue.  That’s their real colour,” she informed me, glancing down at her iridology chart to double check that my kidneys and liver were tickedy boo.

Jen: “Your right eye is very green, but you have more brown in your left eye than the right one.”

Me: “Seriously? How ODD! I’ve been applying daily make-up for decades and never spotted that one.  Do you have a mirror?  I HAVE to see this!”

I teased her to tell me what was wrong with me.  She smiled and asked for a clue.

“What condition do I have?”

Aware that the session may last till Christmas, I soon ditched the guessing game and told her I had bronchiectasis (affectionately known as: bronchs. Aww).  The suggestion was to exclude wheat, dairy and refined sugars from my food intake.

“Your lungs will love you for it” she smiled warmly, before gliding gracefully away.

Which Milk is Best

Liberation!  I’d been suffering from viruses and horrendous chest infections for around two decades.  I only had to stand in the vicinity of a ‘sniffer’ and I’d be ordering antibiotics.

So … I just had to give up wheat, dairy and sugar and my life would improve beyond measure? Huzzah!

“Love youuuuuuu!” I called after her.

(I didn’t really say that.)

Fast forward two days and I’m lazing around with a spa dog in the detox centre when I spot someone gliding down the cobbled path.  Gotta be that chick again!

Me: “Yoo hoooooo!”

She wandered across.

Me: “You remember you told me I mustn’t touch dairy? I realised I can’t live without cheeeeese.” (Sad face.)

Her: “No worries. You can eat any goat and sheep produce.  Oh! And buffalo.  Not cow.”

Me: “Great! What’s bad about wheat?”

Her: “It’s a complex carbohydrate.  Our digestive system has to break it down and it’s a produce that causes excessive mucus production, the same as cow’s produce.  The excess will be lodging in your lungs.” (Fast forward several years and Harald Gaier has now explained the most important reasons why wheat isn’t good for us … it’s all about the gut  .. Why Is Wheat Bad For You


Here’s a general milk overview:

Mammals wean their young off milk in infancy, so it’s often questioned why we include dairy in our diet at all.

Cow’s milk is known to be mucus producing (it’s good to stay off it if you have a cold for sure) and pasteurised milk is so heavily treated before it reaches us that the debate seems to rage on as to whether it’s really a good choice at all.

Which Milk is Best

Goat’s milk is considered to a better choice than cow’s milk but is known to cause mucus in some people. It’s also (according to Paul Pitchford: Healing with Whole Foods) one of the best sources of fluorine sources, nearly ten times higher than cow’s milk.  Dietary fluorine helps build immunity, protect teeth and strengthen bones. It also offers benefits for a host of ailments.

However, flourine is lost in pasteurisation. Because of it’s fat structure, goat’s milk is already homogenised in it’s natural state.  He goes onto say that goats milk can usually supplement an infant’s diet when mother’s milk is not available or accepted or if mum is emotional upset, chemically toxic or imbalanced in other ways.

Ayurveda/Ayurvedic recommends goats milk over cow’s milk, since it is less mucus forming and easier to digest than cow’s milk.  It also has much less tendency to forming allergens than cow milk does. It is actually useful for calming and healing the stomach chemicals. It is rivalled in Ayurveda only by buffalo milk, especially for its excellent calming abilities.

Ayurveda recommends consumption of milk, if one really wishes to, in specific forms.

I like this simple summary on sheep milk.

Better for Ewe 😉Which Milk is Best

Sheep’s milk is as close to a perfect food as is possible in nature. It is a complete protein containing all the essential amino acids without the heavy fat content and catarrh (mucus) producing materials of cow’s milk.


Buffalo Milk: (bless’im – this fella needs a bit of dentistry)Which Milk is Best

I love this travel blog post on Buffalo Milk:

Camel Milk: (Camel Ice-cream anyone? No, really!) .. (Eek.  If it’s anything like their breath … haha)Which Milk is Best

This is an interesting article comparing goat/cow/buffalo and camel (not sheep 🙂


What ain’t broke don’t need fixing, so I have bought goat and sheep’s cheese for over 10 years now (amendment to 2019). Goat’s yoghurt is particularly creamy and strains beautifully to make a similar product to thick Greek Yoghurt. 12 hours straining produces yoghurt, 24 a light cream cheese.

I’m not a milk drinker (decided I no longer liked it during my 20’s and never rekindled the relationship) but I’ve been living off a particular fermented milk since last August (and boy it’s been amazing for my health – more of that in another post!)

Soon I’ll be experimenting with fermented milks, cheeses and yoghurts. Nut, fruit and dairy.  Watch this space and I’ll share my triumphs and disasters! 😉

For me, keeping my own lungs working tidily meant steering away from cow’s dairy, wheat and refined sugar.  Friends and family could identify me in a crowd from my tickly cough. Since a trip to Thailand a couple of years later when I added fermented food to my diet, I no longer suffer with the cough or chest infections.

I still get a tickle if I go off plan, but know it will disappear as soon as I jump back on it. The condition can worsen with each lung infection and there’s no cure, so it’s really important that I look after my lungs.

Who says that food choices don’t improve health?!

Which milk do YOU like best? 🙂

Happy drinking!

Which Milk is Best





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