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What Are Natural Flavours?

As you will know if you read my posts regularly, I’m a bit of a label freak and don’t buy anything packaged to stock in my kitchen for regular use unless I understand and approve the label.

What Are Natural Flavours?

A couple of weeks ago I was browsing the net looking up various ingredients to a deodorant, swung off onto a tributary search (as you do!) and discovered something I hadn’t previously known.

Interestingly, it’s the ONE product I’ve found it impossible to buy in the shops since I’ve cleaned up my diet.  Stock Cubes.  It means making my own, which to be honest, is time-consuming when you already make every meal, snack, drink from scratch.

Bottom line is: I have searched online and in health shops and there’s always at least one ingredient I’m not happy about. The ‘healthiest’ options tend to contain soy, which I don’t use in any of my food preparation.

Have you heard about EWG?

They’re an environmental group that hosts a website helping consumers to wade through the good and bad of products they buy: food, beauty, household etc.

I featured them last year in the Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen food choice list. You can check that here.

Here is today’s finding. Prepare yourself. You may be surprised.

If you’re interested in labelling – and we all should be – you will know that the wording ‘natural flavours/flavouring’ are misleading.  Only a call to the manufacturer will reveal the truth.

I tend not to trust labels with words that aren’t straight forward and don’t have time to call lists of food producers. I’m sure you’re a busy person. Why not make a commitment to start checking labels and only buy when you understand what they mean?

Meanwhile, what do you think are two of the components that create ‘beef flavour’ ???

Read this article to gain an insight into what one leading food chain use to ‘beef up’ the flavour in their burgers. Oh! And before you read it, remember if you have food intolerances (the two ingredients mentioned are two of the most popular culprits for allergies/intolerances in the Western World) eating a meal/snack containing a sauce that’s made with stock that contains these ingredients could be what triggers a reaction.

Just sayin’ …


Wednesday Wisdom - What Are Natural Flavours?



















Source: https://www.vrg.org/nutshell/faqingredients.htm#natural


Wednesday Wisdom - What Are Natural Flavours?



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Robyn says

I’ve heard the warning about ‘natural’ flavoring before even heard once that it can often mean crushed insects…hey they’re natural, right? ewwww. Well informed is definitely the key. Thanks Sarah

    Sarah Jackson says

    Cochineal, a red colouring, is made from crushed insects, yes Robin. As far as I’m aware, that one doesn’t carry any known health risks. Of course, veggies and vegans would want to sidestep it. I prefer to keep to the natural colour of food than add bugs to my recipes though. 😉 … Other dyes are synthetic and more worrying in general.

Paola says

I have now learnt something new, I did not know that the natural flavours were considered in this manner.

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