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Weight Loss Plans

Promises of weight loss and a healthier you. Enticing to many?

Recently, I noticed some PR for a ready meal ‘weight loss’ company I’d not heard about, so I popped online to check them out.

I read online reviews about the meals and, whilst some customers were happy with weight loss and hadn’t spotted the downsides of the diet, others described the food as tasteless packaged meals, with tiny portion sizes. One felt scammed.

Weight Loss Plans

Their ‘delicious’ meals employ the ingredients below in many of their ‘healthy’ offerings:

  • E numbers
  • Natural flavourings (chemicals)
  • Colouring
  • Sunflower, rapeseed and palm oil (palm oil is the worst of them all) – none organic.
  • ‘modified maize starch’ (modified food isn’t real food)
  • Caramel (another chemical flavouring)
  • Cow’s milk (non organic, or it would labelled as organic) which is the unhealthiest milk we can drink.
    • If you’re interested anytime in seeing how factory farmed cows are treated, it’s easy to find on the internet.
  • There is sugar in the majority of their dinners and some of their soups. That will be a poor sugar too, because it’s not specifically identified.
  • Their biscuits are full of sugar.
  • Their chocolate contains polyglycerol polyricinoleate.
  • None of their food is organic.

Pity the customers who don’t understand food sufficiently to replace much of what they deliver with their own food choices.

An Alternative

  • Eat in sensible measure
  • Plan your week
  • Watch your sugar intake
    • Think ‘carbs,’ ‘fruits’ and packaging labels
  • Eat lean meats.
  • Fish
  • Slow release carbohydrates (think sweet potatoes and brown rather than ‘white’ products ie white rice/bread/pasta)
  • Healthy Fats (and no need to drown in them)
  • Eat lots of vegetables (keep starchy ones to a minimum)
  • Fish
  • Load your plates with rainbow vegetables
  • Keep starchy fruit’n’veg intake under control
  • Eliminate alcohol or keep to a minimum
  • Snack on vegetables, nuts, seeds, a little fresh fruit
  • Eat desserts/sweet dishes made only from whole foods and in moderation
    • 6 Teaspoons of sugar per day in total is considered optimum for a woman .. 9 for a man
    • Sugar intake includes desserts/fruit/honey/rice syrup/sugar .. i.e. any sweeteners added to food, refined or unrefined
    • Why not try cutting out all added sugar for 3 months and only use fresh fruit to sweeten?
    • A whole food diet is the best diet of all and can help to stop the craving many of us seem to have for sugar
  • Batch cook a couple of sauces to freeze down
    • Make a time investment in your health. Is there anything more important?
  • Say NO to packaged and junk food
    • READ LABELS!!!
    • I had to say that again 😉
    • If you don’t know what an ingredient means, don’t buy it
  • Choose a smaller plate, so your meal looks more generous
  • Leave what you don’t need to eat and have it later, the next day or freeze it. A great money saver.
  • Keep active

Wishing you the best!

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Robyn says

Sound advice here. I’ve never understood all the hype surrounding diet companies. I don’t diet…have you seen the first 3 letters of that word? Yep, DIE! ha ha ha! I think you’re spot on when you talk about planning your week. I think this is a key component, especially for me. When there’s no plan I’m more likely to just grab something terrible. Well done Sarah!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Planning’s the most important part, isn’t it Robyn. Even if it’s just to shop for great fresh produce and make a 10 min stir fry every night one week. Fresh is best!

Nicole says

I did try one of those food delivery diets years ago when I lived in Dubai. I was super busy and thought it would help me to make sure I ate some healthy meals. Some of the meals were just ok but most just ended up piled up in the fridge and then thrown out. And there was very little I would consider healthy or truly fresh about them really. Waste of money! Now I eat loads of veggies, a good amount of fruit and a balanced amount of everything else. Half my plate is veggies each meal time and this has made a huge difference.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Half a plate of veggies is the way to go!!

Paola says

Totally agree with you. These things come with the weirdest crap, and not always they put on the labels every crap they put in. And that is quite scary!

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