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Vanilla Rum Extract

On Tuesday we talked about how to make vanilla extract. If you read through that article before you make the recipe below, it features a few ideas/tips for making extracts that you may find helpful. 🙂

Today I’m going to keep it short’n’sweet and show you how I adapt that recipe for a rum/vanilla extract.

The vanilla version uses vodka as a base.  This uses rum.  Simples!

Vanilla Rum Extract

Gather Your Goodies

2 Vanilla Pods

1 Cup Rum

It’s Action Time!

VANILLA RUM EXTRACTCut your vanilla pods into two.  (I used an extra pod for this version.)

Split them down the centre and remove the seeds.  (Don’t worry about leaving some remaining.)

Pour in the rum.

Clamp down your lid and leave in a warm room. 68 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit is great.  Hotter is fine too.

In the U.S. I see them referred to as Fido jars more often than clamp down. Here’s a link to some that Crate and Barrel stock:

(Awww, Crate and Barrel. I visited that store a few years ago when I spent a couple of amazing, fun, long week-ends in Manhatten, tripping in from Long Island.  Happy days ..)

Ooh, Really?!

  • Fermenting is faster the warmer the room.  That can be useful or it can be a hindrance, depending on what you’re fermenting and how often you check your ferments!
  • Ferments need more of an eye on them in a warm environment generally, although don’t worry with this one.  It should chug along nicely at any old temperature, so I’ve found to date! Remember, the cooler the room, the slower the fermentation. You can even use an airing cupboard.  If you do, I suggest putting jars on a tray with a lip, so any leakages don’t spoil your laundry!
  • The flavour infused into this extract is much milder than vanilla with vodka.  The rum is warm and heady, with a light bottom note of vanilla. This still leaves room for a definitive, albeit subtle vanilla aftertaste. If you’d prefer the vanilla to the fore, add a few seeds.
  • My feeling on the above is that you can always add vanilla powder to a recipe in addition to the vanilla rum, to up the flavour. You can add as you taste when making recipes. You can’t take away. That’s why I’ve kept this extract subtle.
  • Taste whenever the fancy takes you, to keep an eye on the infusion.  If you feel it’s strong enough you can remove seeds/pods.  I’ve left mine in, it’s month 6 and the extract still tastes great!
  • ‘They’ say that extracts can last 6-12 months.  I haven’t had mine long enough to confirm this, although suspect, if you remove the pods at some point, they could last longer.
  • Another idea for you:
    • I used a lot of this pot at Christmas, making rum truffles, so I simply topped up the jar with more rum. Once you have a ferment like this going, there’s no reason to start another.
    • You can just remove pods, add new ones; add more seeds.
    • Play around with it.
    • If the rum becomes too infused with vanilla, you could add more rum to dilute the flavour, or add water. (I personally wouldn’t do that latter, but some people do use water.)
  • This isn’t a formula.  Be relaxed and enjoy making the flavour to suit YOU!

See you Monday.  Have a top week-end!

How would YOU use rum extract in your food? 🙂

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Pam says

Hi, love ur website! Just wondering if u have a recipe for Rum Extract ( no vanilla )

Thanks , Pam

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi Pam, thanks so much for your feedback. I have rum/vanilla and vanilla on this site, not rum alone. Why not have a play at home with a recipe of your own. It’s great to experiment and really easy to make!

Robyn says

Which do you prefer….rum or vodka? Interested in trying both!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I like both to be honest. I don’t ‘drink’ either of those spirits, but they’re used as a base for shop bought extracts too. The vodka is tasteless, so you just get the hint of orange. I use this one more often. I’ve only used the rum one in rum truffles and rum’n’raisin ice-cream to date, but I’m sure I’ll find more uses for it in future. I just like to have things ready, for when ideas come to me. 🙂

Nicole says

Not a fan of vodka but rum I like! Especially the dark kind.. Sounds lovely!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I prefer rum too Nicole! You can’t taste the Vodka when it’s used in an extract to be honest though. The flavour of the fruit is the only thing that comes through. Vodka doesn’t pack the same taste punch as rum, which is the dominant flavour in it’s own extract. 🙂

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