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Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Extract

I decided to use two different alcohols for my first extracts, because the flavours will be perfect for different types of recipes. Some will bask in the glory of a rich rum where others would drown.

If you’ve been diagnosed as coeliac, Vodka can be made from many sources (never with soap or biros). Rum is usually gluten free.

This article contains a list of some of the foods that are used to make vodka:

Vanilla Seeds

A lot of people make their extracts using seeds. My eyes rebelled at the thought of having to count a handful of teeny weeny irritating little seeds into a jar, so I chose a lazier way. 😉

Vanilla Extract

Gather Your Goodies

Vanilla ExtractBottle of Vodka

1 Vanilla pod

1 Cup Vodka

It’s Action Time!

Pour the cup of Vodka into a clamp down jar.

Split a vanilla pod down the centre and remove the seeds. (A few of mine lingered in there. Don’t worry about it. It will add flavour.)

Pop the pod into the jar (I cut mine in two. Pods are long. The jar was small.)

Within a month (or maybe even less) the flavour it good enough to use.  Mine fermented in a room that often reaches 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so it could take longer.  3 months and you have a mature extract.

Some people say they remove the pods.  My jar is months in 5 now and I used so much of the extract in recipes that I simply topped it up and kept it going with the original pods.

Little Notes as I think of them:

The thing about fermenting anything at all is to keep tasting  You will know if you need to throw in a couple of seeds or half a pod to up the flavour any. Remove the old if you need to refresh.

I’m an advocate of refreshing jars as well.  I’ve just poured all my extracts into clean jars today, after almost 6 months.  Mainly because they get used and moved around a lot and I kind of like them non-sticky, with clean lids.

So that’s it!

This is a good punchy vanilla.  As a rule, around 8 seeds seem to go into many extracts and some people dilute them with water.

Moi? If I’m going for a little alcohol I’d rather taste it. 😉

Remember, you don’t need a lot to enjoy the flavour and it’s super useful for desserts and smoothies.

Will you make this one, or try it with rum?


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Robyn says

I’ve pinned this so I don’t forget! I use vanilla a lot and this looks and sounds much better than any I could buy!! THanks Sarah!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Pleasure Robyn. It’s very useful and cheaper to make yourself. 🙂

Nicole says

Sounds lovely Sarah! I don’t like vodka but I love vanilla!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Nicole. I don’t like Vodka either! It’s generally only a little that’s used in recipes, so the vodka doesn’t actually come through. It’s the vanilla that adds the flavour. 🙂

Carol says

I’m going to try this! Is the recipe for the Kefir on this site?

    Sarah Jackson says

    Great Carol! Yes, if you check under KEFIR in the category list that’s situated in a right hand column on this blog, the series runs to several posts.

    Here’s the post about how to make it. You will benefit from reading through the series to learn about utensils needed, whether you’d like to use grains or powders and which type of milk you’d like to use. There is also a Kefir FAQ post.

    Let me know how you get on! 🙂

Kat Klavon says

Hey Sarah
I actually have made this before, it is super easy. I get the best Vanilla from Neilsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon, and another one from Sonoma that is exquisite. I don’t like to wait for anything. lol 🙂 On another note, I just bought some Water and Milk Kefir grains and am looking forward to new creations. I saw a recipe for Vanilla Bean Water kefir “soda” for second ferment. 🙂 Can’t wait to try it.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Sounds good Kathy. I plan to make more water kefir soon. It’s not as full of probiotics as milk kefir, but it’s a good second. And of course, the fizziness is really fun!

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