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To Cut or Not To Cut?

The next stage of transition, after initial decision and a few weeks of silver growth, is to accept that you’re not going back.

Next? You have to work out how you’re going to deal with the growing stripe.

To Cut or Not To Cut?

Here is how Ben The Badger looked a couple of weeks ago – almost 8 weeks in:



My silver/white hair is super sparkly and outshines my brown hair by around 1000%. I’m not particularly comfortable walking around like this.  No deep rooted reason.  I just don’t feel groomed looking any longer.










This was Ben, shining like an airport landing strip after being trapped under a crash helmet on a motorbike afternoon out.  I asked hubby about him the next day and he said he shone across the entire cafe. We larrrfed!

(Oh, the rats tails were annoying me too.  A temporary miscommunication with my lovely stylist that left my hair a little thin on the ends.)







Feeling the pain.  Not my fave way to wear hair when out and about.  Not loving the silver pulled back.








Dried ‘au naturelle’ … This took an hour to dry, felt cold and damp during that time and the only way to hide Ben was still to create a zigzag parting, which I knew wasn’t going to work for long (and may fly out of place in a passing storm … Oh the joy. 😉








Tried the ‘intelligent’ look! (Ben was laughing by now.  Still with the upper hand. Who handed him the right to rule me? 😉










Desperate measures! A new silver friend sends me a photo of her hair looking luscious with gentle twists pulled back. My fine hair wouldn’t play ball.  This was the best I could manage. (I really haven’t been blessed with ‘hair patience.’)














Someone grabs an image of me from my Facebook photos and sends me a re-style, modelled in the Mary Kay App.  What a great idea! (I download the Mary Kay App!)












I play around with images of mid length and short silver hair, to compare the two. (The image of me in a ponytail has been edited by a photographer, so it’s not terribly accurate – she made me look all slim-bo and well, a lot better than the real thing – ha – but you have to use a photo where the eyes are pretty straight and central for the App to fit wigs on your bonce successfully!)











The App allows you to add makeup changes, clothing accessories, glasses and even jewellery. It also offers a good variety of hair colours.

I asked my silver friends a question in this one ..










Ho hummmmmm. What to dooooo?!










Do you think this look would suit me?

(I know. I know. I’m aiming high.  A girl can dream ….)








More tomorrow. And Saturday.  Then we’re back to FOOOOOOD next week (I’m dribbling already. Must stop that habit .. 😉

To cut, or not to cut? Now THAT is the question ….



About the Author Sarah Jackson

I love to experiment with food, write poetry, read, walk in nature, take iphone photographs, sing, cycle, watch good movies, documentaries, dramas and comedy.

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Donna Boehm says

Well I am along for the ride with your Sarah , I know it is really hard going from making sure I have no gray showing to letting it all hang out. My roots have always been a big thing for me because I started coloring and messing with my hair since I was 14. I now have about an inch and a half of growto in some areas and a little less in others. It kind of turn a my world upside down. I have found on days when I feel good and not like my about to turn 60 in April days, the color of my hair such a silver masterpiece I look at the growth and exclaim! But on days like today when I don’t feel happy and I am laid a bit low it is hard to see my stripe widing; all I see is gray. I wish we women were not so caught up with our hair being a barometer for our feelings about ourselves . I felt it before this trip to being natural. I have always felt better if my hair was pretty or no roots. I was in the hospital after a major illness my hair was plastered to my head after 28 days in the bed. I had my hairdresser on the phone before I left the hospital. In the way home weak as a kitten I have my husband stop at the hair dressers and went in wearing a gown and house coat and she washed and dryed my hair! I think it helped me get well! I might feel like crappie but my hair looked good!. When I see beautifully sliver haired ladies now out in the world I turn head straight for them and tell them how beautiful their hair is and I am so happy that I am possibly going to look like that in aboat 6 months or so. It makes me happy. Then I turn the corner and walk into a lady with the dull-as-dishwater gray and I feel depressed for a moment. Will I look like her old? If nothing else this getting rid of color has shown me how vain I am about my looks. I let my hair define me, my weight, my nails, makeup. Take all that away and I want to crawl in a hole and pull it over me. Why is that? Men can have a pot gut ,bald , never trim the hair from places they are not supposed to have any, but they are always a catch?! Why are we so insecure we hide if the mail man rings the doorbell if we are not put together. As my striped grows and gets longer maybe I will find the answer to this burning question.

    Sarah Jackson says

    You raise some interesting points there Donna. In a society that is so image driven, it’s easy to get trapped in the bubble of defining ourselves by image. Image doesn’t make a person kind or clever or successful. Image is superficial. The most beautiful people could be the ones we walk past and fail to notice.

    As part of this process, I questioned my own vanity. It’s important, I believe, to put concern about what ‘other people think’ to the background. Of course, support during this process (which I’ve been lucky to enjoy from hubby/family/friends/silver friends/social media friends) is very helpful. Ultimately, the only person that matters is you and how YOU deal with whatever comes your way as a result of changing perceptions about your ‘image.’

    I just see potential negative reactions as simply a hurdle to overcome and although it can make me feel slightly nervous some days, I’m focusing on embracing the change. I’m sure you will find your own answers as your adventure progresses. 🙂

Yvonne Dalzell says

My hairstyle was original short when I started going down the salt and pepper route. I then became bolder and had thicker highlights in a light blonde/ash combination which worked well. Finally I just settled with one shade of very light blonde and the hair grew to. The only downside is I have to wear a hat when it rains or a revert back to my naturally colour of dark brown. I am sure you will look good in any style Sarah. Best of luck with your bold transition to grey (ash blonde).

    Sarah Jackson says

    Interesting you say ‘ash blonde’ Yvonne. They say that white hair on mature women is like platinum blonde on dark!

    I was told yesterday that I have a salt and pepper streak along the crown from front to back (not very wide I think) and the rest is much lighter. Gosh. I have no idea what’s going to emerge! Should be interesting ..

Kat Klavon says

Hi Sarah
I think the decision to cut comes when you get sick of all the hair that feels like it is weighing you down! I had my hair really long, down to my back and I wanted to cut it short, but I did it in stages until I finally bit the bullet and got myself a real short pixie. It felt good to have such fresh hair. I think you are so brave and inspiring to let it become natural and allow the growth to be part of a pure, and authentic growing process! I love when my hair is in good condition. When it is long, and I am dying it over and over, it just feels like sick burnt hair. I cannot wait to see you sport your whole adventure! Mwah! Brava girlfriend!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Kathy, you are a doll. It’s been great to meet you during this adventure. It was YOU who inspired ME to start this for sure! I hope you re-join the silver adventure when the time is right for you and next time, I’ll be YOUR supporter. x

Robyn says

I went short back in the summer and it was THE best thing! I love it! Still so many ways to wear it. Spikey, soft, flipped left, flipped right! GO FOR IT!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I’m seeing those benefits already Robyn. Every decision in life needs to be turned to a positive! If you can’t have fun, what’s life about?! 🙂

Anthea says

Hi Sarah
I am in no position to advise because I have had the exact same hairstyle since high school! But….I think you’d look quite good with the short & silver streaked messy do.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Anthea!

Claire Brotherton says

I like my hair longer, but I can’t get it to grow longer than shoulder length. I’m off to the hairdresser tomorrow, actually, but I won’t get much cut off it.

I like the first Mary Kay photo, though it does look like a wig!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I liked the first photo too Claire. A new silver friend put that together for me. It wouldn’t be a practical day to day style though and my hair wouldn’t play ball with that look anyway. 🙂

    I don’t know if you colour your hair? Mine used to grow down my back. In recent years it stopped way short of it’s usual mark. I concluded that dye had worn it out. It does seem to have inhibited it’s growth and I’ve spoken with a silver sister who said her hair has grown longer in her 50’s than it has since her teenage years. Who knows if the dye was the cause? We can only ponder it!

Sam Pilling says

Oh Sarah, there is no way I’m going grey. I haven;t been my natural colour since I was 15 (which was only 5 years ago, wink, wink). I’m just going to gently blend the blonde… well, that’s the plan!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I believe you Sam! 😉 … I coloured my hair for over 20 years. Who am I to judge? 😉

    There are products that contain less chemicals and leave out the worst ones. Worth sourcing if you’re in it for the long-term. 🙂

Sarah Arrow says

You think you have a good badger as a brunette? You should see my red 😀

There’s a sort of tradition that when women reach a certain age, they cut their hair short. You should have seen the ruckus Hilary Clinton caused when she grew hers to shoulder – at her age. I think a little shorter would look perfect silver, and I think you’d colour it so it all looked the same and then “grow” the silver out, I can’t imagine you being happy waiting to grow into a silver fox.
I’m not at all sure you’d get used it if you haven’t had long hair since you were 18, it becomes an integral part of who we are

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hahaha. I wanna seeeee itttt! A red and white badger. How original!! 😉

    Thanks for the feedback on short’n’silver for my own transition.

    I’ve become a serial-hair-spotter (similar to a train-spotter, but without binoculars 😉 since I began this adventure. In real life and on Pinterest. (Yup. I’ve finally succumbed!)

    I’ve seen super long hair that looks a tad thin on the ends and unbelievably luscious locks that just look divine. I can’t see mine enjoying the latter. It’s seems much thinner than it used to.

    I have some more to tell you tomorrow Sarah. Look out for that post!

    (This experience has bitten me. I’ve dug deep. I’m in it to win it.)

Lottie says

Sarah, I thought long and hard about joining you on your grey challenge, but have decided not to as I know I would want to wear my hair short while it grew out, and I don’t want to crop my hair again, until I’ve been back to Burkina this summer.
I think short hair is a sign of confidence, and generally looks very sexy BUT it does take more time in the mornings than short hair – I’d say go for it!……. And I’m so going to try that app!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hey Lottie. I totally understand. One thing I’ve learned about this process is that it’s different for everyone. When you’re ready to start. When/if you’re ready to cut etc. I’ll let you know how it feels when I’m done, ahead of you starting your own transition. Hopefully it will help you overcome a few of the hurdles. x

Tamsin says

Go for it! You can always grow it again 😉

    Sarah Jackson says

    He he. It’s an option, that’s for sure!

    I’ve grown hair out before and it was tough, but maybe I’d like it short and want to keep it? 🙂 I had it SUPER short at one time, when I was 18.

    Keep reading Tamsin and I’ll let you know how this story progresses. There’s a post due tomorrow,

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