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The Optimum 9200A Next Generation Review

I realised recently that I haven’t shared my love of kitchen gadgets with you. Naughty meeee!

To say I’m in love with The Optimum 9200A Next Generation blender doesn’t award it sufficient status. Allow me to explain …

Previous to its incarnation at Fermented Foody HQ, I owned another high-speed blender from a different brand. One that I broke. Ta Da! (I’m fairly clumsy. Shhh. Don’t tell Froothie!) Replacement due, I was lost without my kitchen ‘go to’ and decided a ‘backup’ blender for was needed for the future.

This new gadget quickly became my Number 1 Kitchen baby.  So in love are we, she follows me around the house, sings to me, makes me cups of herbal tea, weeps when I leave her alone, greets me at the door with homemade ice cream (made by her own sweet blades) and generally does the job of being my IBKFF. (Indispensable Best Kitchen Friend Forever.)

Okay. I lied. She doesn’t make ice cream on her own. Or any of the other stuff I just made up. She does perform magic though. She’s so clever, efficient, speedy and beautiful. (‘Scuse me. I need to go have an emotional sniffle.)

The True Story!

A few years ago I fell in love with high-speed blenders. No less than 3 now lurk close by at all times.

My first machine served me well. Naturally, there was bound to be a day when it bust! To be fair, it was a replaceable bust (warranty in place). However, it happened after a crucial day in the kitchen and I felt sufficiently unsettled at the potential of suddenly not having a super fast blender at my instant disposal to research another brand to complement the existing one.

I’ve read much about blenders in the past and wasn’t about to hold back this time. So it was, a few hours later, I stumbled across a brand I’d not seen before.


What Happened Next?

I had a question. As you do. There was a phone number featured on the website.  This isn’t standard practice.  Further to such a happy discovery, I called and … someone actually picked up the phone. (Cue – recovery time needed.)

Honestly? I’ve never had a blender company pick the phone up. At best, you leave a message and wait a few days for a reply. Or chase them around the world by email.

Her name was Lisa.

Is there a song there? Haha. Ah, no. That was Lola. (You need to know Barry Manilow songs to get that joke. Or ‘Bazzer’ to those who love him. Wink. Ooh! Just had to do a little Barry-Dance.)

Not only was Lisa at the end of a phone (unbelievably good news) she was super helpful. The type of  soothing, reassuring voice that makes you want to buy everything they sell.

Queries thoroughly satisfied, I purchased a machine there and then. It wasn’t a snip of a buy, but given the help I’d experienced at this early stage, I was without doubt that I’d be well looked after should anything go wrong in future.

So what was delivered to my doorstep?

The Optimum 9200A Next Generation Review

A beauty of a machine, with a comprehensive and easy to use control panel, it strolls over one leading rival with 1k extra watts, a 6 blade (wet and dry) BPA free jug and a 7 year Warranty.

Better still, it’s suitable for commercial AND home use where a leading rival (at a similar price point) is suitable only for the home.

Why does that matter if you only plan to use it for the family?

Commercial machines are built to withstand more use. They’re generally more robust. This will serve you well and no doubt repay you many times over, with regards to general day to day use and lifespan.

What else do I like about this machine?

  • The lid fits snugly into the jug to a design that prevents it flying off. This isn’t a machine you need to hold from the top, when it’s working at full power.
  • It does the thinking for you, with low, medium and fast speed buttons for soft, harder and tough foods.
    • Making soup? Low will do.
    • Chopping up hard’ish veg? Medium’s great.
    • Hard, raw veg or ice? Pop it on fast.
  • In addition, there’s a pulse button and …
  • 3 more buttons with 20, 30 and 40-second blend options.
  • It gets better. Choose 40 seconds and you’ll notice the motor revs up to top speed slowly, gives the contents a blast, slows down (clever, huh? a preventative measure for overheating the motor) then pushes onto it’s final 20 seconds. I really love that feature.
  • And that’s not all. I knowwwwwww. It’s ridiculously brilliant!
  • Froothie, the company selling these gorgeous babies has tucked away another secret weapon in the armoury of this fabulous piece of kit ..
    • Should you, in a forgetful moment, place ice in the jug and set the machine to anything less than the ‘fast’ setting, it will switch itself off.

Guess who did something similarly foolish? Yup. I thought I’d bust a second machine!!

Back on the phone to my new best friends … who picked up the phone? You got it.

“Lisa here.”

(Happy customer sigh.)

Problem explained, I was duly sent to the kitchen.

“Can you see your machine? I think I can solve this for you.”

(Cue – Heart full of joy. Solve a mechanical failure. On. The. Phone?! Surely not?!)

Standing at the coal-face, a velvety voice instructed me to remove the jug from the top of the gadget, check the base of the motor and flick the hidden switch on the blender’s underbelly.

Jug back in place, the ON button switched to ‘we’re ready to groove’ and Voila Mon Amie .. one machine as keen to get going as Red Rum.

It was at this point I fell truly in love with Froothie. (And just a little bit with Lisa.)

Are you impressed yet?

It does everything my other machine could do, with the advantages listed above.

I can honestly say that it’s the best piece of kit I’ve ever bought.

I’m somewhat passionate about everything I buy for my beloved kitchen, from the smallest potato peeler (the only gadget I’ve been unable to source successfully .. I long for a similar design to the one my mother owns, a relic from my childhood) through to spoons, spatulas, knives, pans, trays, pots and .. the list goes on.

Today, I’ve shared with you my favourite-ever kitchen ‘honey.’ 

I’ll be sharing more with you in the coming weeks and months.  Since my recipes do use high-speed blenders (I try, where possible, to create manually made versions for those who don’t own gadgets) I can’t recommend this machine highly enough. And it’s such a great time saver. Always a huge plus.

The company also offer other models, one being The Optimum 9400, a best seller that’s home to an additional couple of features.

I want you to get the best deal. My recommendation is the 9200A, it’s newer version. (Note: As of May 2016 there’s an even newer version out. I’m happy with my existing one though .. and I think it’s all you need.)

If you have the cash to flash for fuse protection and a couple of other technical extras, you can splash out on the 9400, enjoy them and let me know how you fair.

My summary? I’m sure the 9200A is all you ‘need.’ Anything more is simply a lovely bonus.

I have sooo many recipes to share with you in the coming months, all of which can be made in the 9200A.

These machines won’t be going anywhere. You can come back here and click on the links after the price has changed.

If you’re Australian or U.S. based, hold tight. I’ll be back with some links for you soon.

  • Kefir ice cream
  • Soups
  • Sauces
  • Smoothies
  • Hummus
  • Flatbreads
  • Pesto
  • Chocolate Mousse

So many super fast, healthy and delicious creations!

Here are the links again for you:

The Optimum 9200A Next Generation

The Optimum 9400

I know many people put cash aside for fancy cars, holidays, clothes and nights out. Me? I see the kitchen as a worthy contender for investment. Especially if we’re busy, want to eat healthily and need to prepare our meals quickly.

See you blender-side!

The Optimum 9200A Next Generation Review

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Robyn says

She’s beautiful and so versatile. What a great gadget to have in any kitchen. I’m not a total foodie but I think I’m going to need one of these!

Nicole says

What a a fun review to read! I love to hear great customer service stories like this. Well done Froothie for still employing people to answer the phones and training them to know their stuff! I don’t use blenders much but would certainly check this company out if I was looking for a new one. Thanks and enjoy using it (and dancing to Barry – sorry Bazzer! :))

    Sarah Jackson says

    My pleasure Nicole!

Paola says

Oh yeah I love blenders, specially the powerful ones… Love making soups, smoothies and any other thing that comes to mind.

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