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strawberry ice-cream

Taking You Back in Time

Do you have anything fun planned for Easter? Doo share! Family treats/a trip abroad or to the coast for some brisk spring air. We’re still in scarves and gloves in London! (Actually, I’m a bit of a wimp.  A neighbour was out in a t-shirt on Wednesday. Mind you, I think he’s rather brave!)

While I wallow in a compliment from one of my neighbour’s rather adorable 12 year old son when I asked him why he preferred my short hair (“It looks more sophisticated”) (we’ve marked him down as a future charmer ;-)) I would like to take you back to the first blog post in my kefir series, that kicked off all the way back to last October. I know. Ain’t that time been swallowed up by an uber hungry Time Eating Machine?!

It’s been fantastic to see readers take the plunge and make their first kefir. I’d like to encourage you now too! If you’ve been holding off because you’re a little nervous, this is the perfect time to read the series, order your first kefir grains or starter culture powder and get the ball in motion for you and your family! (If you’re planning to be away, you can read, plan and order during your leisure time – takes only minutes to order! – and make the kefir on your return, when you’re refreshed and gunning to go again!)

It’s such a simple and yet such a positive change to your daily diet to add some kefir into the mix.

The more I read magazines, online articles and newspapers, the more the news is reporting the benefits of fermented food and drink and kefir is such a wonderfully healthful drink and one of the easiest fermented recipes to make.

Taking You Back in Time

So! Here’s where it all began. (Cue: Music!)

Join me on the fermented adventure, with a cheeky little taste of kefir!

Follow the series day by day and you will learn why it’s great, how to choose grains or powders, how to make it, how to second ferment, make kefir cream cheese (all super easy!) how to trouble shoot and … how to enjoy drinking and eating it!

Don’t forget to take in the story of how Kevin Lost his Whey (Whey. Geddit? ;-)) … And see my birthday kitchen catastrophe from last year. Oh boy. I’ve held that lid on firmly ever since. 😉

And this is where the series ends (and YOUR adventure begins!) ….


strawberry ice-cream


Don’t want to drink the kefir?

Here’s the easiest strawberry ice cream (or sorbet/yoghurt ice – whatever you prefer to call it!) to make with your kefir!


Have any questions?

Just post them here and I’ll be MORE than happy to help!

So what’s stopping you? 😉

Catch you next week!


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