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Taking Control Of Your Health

Taking Control Of Your Health

Taking Control Of Your Health

Why my lungs dictate how I eat and which type of fire I can enjoy … 

The weather is cold here on the south coast now. I know some friends in the U.S. have already experienced the first huge winter snowfalls too.

It’s the season for fires and cosiness!

This was the gorgeous fire a pub had roaring away on the Purbecks 2 weeks ago. 

I have to be careful about breathing in smoke because of my lung condition (Bronchiectasis).

Fortunately, it’s ok for me to sit by a fire like this. Ain’t they just the best?! ❤️

However, I recently noticed that open fires on the beach, when the wind blows the smoke towards me, can be troublesome. 

After a couple of hours spent beside one on the beach during a gorgeous, slightly breezy September sunset, I felt nauseous for a few hours and could taste the smoke down my oesopaghus for the rest of that evening. 

It was unpleasant and I know now to avoid it in future. 

Smoke is one of the things I was advised to avoid after diagnosis and that was the first time I’d indulged in over 10 years. 

I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted by a roaring open fire at sunset?! ❤️ ???? ❤️

I only know I have my condition (incurable and prone to getting worse) because my father encouraged me to see a chest consultant a few years ago.


Because, for almost 20 years, I had a tickly cough that was ever present and never questioned what was causing it. 

Every chest infection I have could make my condition worse. 

Nothing can ever repair the existing 5% of total damage. 

I don’t know what caused the initial onset. 

The damage I have makes me vulnerable to picking up germs.

However … I can now control it all. ????????????????????????

I used to be unable to be near anyone with even a sniffle without catching a cold that would either linger or develop into a full blown infection.

I spent many years of my life experiencing what felt like fairly extreme lung infections. 

I lost my voice every year (bliss for those around me ???? … not fun when you’re singing for a living. ????) 

My infections were so bad they would usually last 2-3 weeks. 

Autumn and winter were long and miserable for me. 

One year I even experienced a long infection midsummer. 

I was eventually advised – and allowed – to keep very strong antibiotics at home and self diagnose, so I could start taking meds before an infection set in. 

One year I had had 2 infections back to back.

That was 6 weeks of utter misery, during which time I would cough all night; a hacking cough so strong my throat became red raw and so painful I could hardly swallow. (The norm at that time.) I would get up in the morning feeling utterly drained.

One day I heard about fermented food and drink and was encouraged to look into them. 

Especially ‘kefir.’ The woman who suggested it wasn’t even sure how kefir was spelled, but her advice was sufficient to peak my curiosity. 

That was almost 11 years ago, back in 2009.

Taking Control Of Your Health

I’d started learning about raw food – and also how changing my diet could positively impact my lungs – back in 2008, but was still getting infections. 

I couldn’t find anyone to teach me in the UK, so I read whatever I could find online to begin with, then started experimenting myself in the kitchen.

I started taking fermented food and drink every week; not even every day; although it did become a habit. 

One day I suddenly realised I’d been through a winter – and an entire 18 month period – without a cold or infection. 

I had learned how to manage my lung condition by adjusting my daily diet and adding in amazing natural foods and drinks. 

I wanted to shout about it. Hence my blog was born. (Link in first comment box below.) 

Taking Control Of Your Health

Knowledge is power. 

Willingness to make changes is key. 

To those who tell me: 

“I couldn’t follow your plan (the book I’m currently writing about gut health with a learned physician) if I wasn’t allowed to have X, Y, or Z” ….

I say: “You’re not ready to help yourself to heal/ manage whatever condition(s) you have.” 

That’s ok. We’re all read my at different times. 

However … it’s only taking action that brings results. 

I’ve been asked why I don’t talk about my condition.

I’m aware that stories are powerful, but I also know … 

There is no need to ‘own’ a condition. 

By talking all the time about something you see as negative, you take ownership of it. 

Recently, I had a re-think.

I’ve decided to talk about it more often now because I truly believe my condition will never get worse. 

I heard of someone who had a lung removed because of having ‘Bronchs,’ as it’s known to those who have it. 

At it’s worst, it can take a life. At best, you can live a normal with it. For me, that means taking control of it and managing how I eat.

The traditional management of this condition means postural drainage (in basic terms: expelling congestion on your lungs by twisting up your body into various positions and coughing!) and taking heavy meds when infections set in.

For me, it’s much preferable – and waaaay lore successful (from constant infections to a healthy life!) managing my food choices. 

You can convince your subconscious brain to believe that your condition will always impede your life. 

Or … 

You can convince yourself that you will do whatever it takes to manage and control it, so it doesn’t impact you in any way that stops you enjoying your best health, progress and quality of life. 

Which one do you choose? 

Have a good day friends.


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