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sweet and sour sauce recipe

Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

So you know how to make apple cider vinegar now (by the way, my latest batch took twice as long this time – around 4 weeks – never expect ferments to behave exactly as you want them to!) so it’s time to share with you my sweet and sour sauce recipe.

I don’t publish many recipes using lots of sugar.  This and the flapjacks are the only two I can think of that top the leaderboard by a mile or two.  They both use natural sugars, but they’re for moderate use, rather than daily gorging, if you’re looking to eat the low sugar way. 🙂

SWEET'N'SOUR-SAUCE--EDITEDSweet and Sour Sauce Recipe

Gather Your Goodies

2 Cups of Apple Juice (freshly juiced if possible – no pith!) (You could replace this with freshly juice pineapple)

1 Cup Palm Sugar

1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar  (if you haven’t made any, I prefer using rice mirin in preference to bought apple cider vinegar, as it’s less sharp)

2 Tablespoons of Tamari Sauce (supermarkets and health shops sell this)

2 Tablespoons Apple Sauce

3 Tablespoons of Buckwheat Flour

It’s Action Time

In a small bowl, mix your buckwheat flour with a little of the apple/pineapple juice.   Blend well, so there are no lumps and keep ready to add to your sauce in a few moments!

In a large saucepan, mix together the rest of your apple/pineapple juice, palm sugar, apple cider vinegar and tamari sauce.

Whisk the sauce over a medium heat until it reaches boiling point.

Add to your sauce the flour and apple/pineapple juice blend that you set aside and continue whisking until the mixture thickens.

This whole process takes just 5 minutes and the result is totally delicious!

Either apple or pineapple sauces are equally good, with the pineapple coming out sweeter, even using a sweet apple.

Ooh, Really?!

This sauce will keep for a week or two in your fridge.  So handy! Just store it in a jar with a light cover, giving it a little air.

I usually double up on the ingredients and it will make 4 big meals or several smaller ones. (Don’t take any notice of the photo here in terms of volume – I was making loads that night and had jugs of it!)

What do I use it for?

See Thursday’s post! 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll tell you how I make my raw apple sauce in batches.

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Vidya Sury says

Waiting for Thursday. Oh wait, today’s Thursday! 😀

What’s Tamari Sauce?

    Sarah Jackson says

    I use it a a replacement for soy sauce Vidya. The one I buy is wheat free and sugar free. 🙂

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