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strawberry ice-cream

Strawberry Kefir Yoghurt Ice Cream

Strawberry Ice-Cream

Gather Your Goodies (you know the form now ..)

1/2 Cup of Coconut Kefir

1/2 Cup of Sheep’s Yoghurt (Oh go on, you can use cow’s if you like, but I don’t buy cow’s yoghurt or milk for myself so this is my baby)

1 Cup of Fresh Strawberries (dooo try to buy good quality, sweet ones!)

1/4 Teaspoon (125 ml) Vanilla Extract

1/2 Teaspoon (7.5ml) Honey/Malt Rice Syrup

It’s Action Time

Grab that blender.  You know, the one you rinsed out after your best mate made shampoo in it last week. (Aren’t some people annoying?)

Pour in the kefir (liquids first)

Then your yoghurt.

Then pile the rest in.

(I know.  This is a mess.  Right?)

Put the LID FIRMLY ON.  (Oh, after my latest accident when I accidentally knocked the switch and hadn’t put the lid on because I was mid-making? I hold onto that lid for dear life.)

Just for the record.  That happened on my BIRTHDAY.  I had decided, for the first time EVER in my ENTIRE life, to spend it alone.  Mr Him was away and I thought I’d have a nice, quiet time in the kitchen and see friends & family at a later date.

So just as I was dancing around to the radio and having myself some fun, THAT switch flicked on as I reached to take hold of something and brushed it in error.

I mean, it was only on for about 2 seconds.

This was the OTHER side of the kitchen.  Not even the same room!  And I’d already removed the most offensive sofa cushions.  It really did look as though someone had been very ill. (I can’t say the words, but you know what I mean.)

photo 1

This was my beautiful worktop.

photo 2

And from the other side.

photo 3


Isn’t it quaint eating a photo perfect meal, while your house is in ruins.

photo 4

Here is the main sofa cover, flopping about in the sun.  My theory was, if I soak the ENTIRE sofa, there won’t be a water mark.  Large’ish risk, for a three seater. But darn me. The God of Draylon (or whatever it is they make these things from) was sprinkling ‘get better soon’ dust on me’n’my grey thing and it all worked out okay.

Nice. Birthday. SIX hours of cleaning!

photo 5

Blend food.

(Keep up! We’re back at the ice-cream!)

(It’s not hard, is it? I mean, making this food ..)

Pour your mixture into a freezer proof container. Small, deep, square Tupperware best for this amount, as it’s only teeny weeny.

Lid FIRMLY on please, my dear.


Take a little look at your ice-cream after each hour and give it a loving stir. With a spoon.  Not a branch of broccoli or anything weird.

Just saying.

Mine took 5 hrs to become the creamiest, yummiest, strawberriest lush.

I’ve bought an ice-cream maker now.  Not because I can’t do it as above.  I’m just IMPATIENT.  And I want to make LOTS of different ice-cream recipes for you.  Because I am OBSESSED with kefir milk.


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Sarah arrow says

Get your rest in before I borrow that whip back off my husband xxx ps the ice cream looks lush

    Sarah Jackson says

    Haha. It’s miiiine now! 😉 .. (Fanks, Sarah. You can serve me the ice cream when I pop to yours one day. Wink.)

    Hey Pops! (He reads my blog Sarah) .. Sarah is my blog coach!

Gershon says

Sorry to laugh at your misfortune! It looks like the aftermath of a frat party! Seriously, you should restage the event and put it on YouTube!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hey, no worries Gershon. I posted the photos on FB the day it happened. Just to keep my spirits up while I wiped, wept and swept for 6 hours. People were still laughing about it a week later! 😉

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