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Gosh, another year has already flown past!

Whilst I embrace life with gratitude (little example: relatively young, with silver hair? lucky to be here and have it!) I’m not hugely keen on the passing of time in all respects.

On the one hand, each year we learn more about life, ourselves and others and are therefore able to make wiser decisions, share more knowledge (learning being cyclical in as much as what we absorb from one source we can gift to another) and be better versions of ourselves in general.

All very positive!

On the other hand, the passing of time means less days, months, years left with some of our most loved ones and that can be difficult to accept.

With that in mind, be sure to keep in touch with those you love and let them know how much they mean to you whenever you speak or are together. Kind words to both your dearest – and strangers – cost nothing and can mean more than you will sometimes ever know.

If you have experienced a rift, perhaps this is the time to reach out with that olive branch. A friendly card, letter, email or text; perhaps a phone call, gift or simply an apology. It may just be the bridge to better things.

When life presents challenges, stepping back to be in ‘stillness,’ and allowing ourselves to consider why we have attracted these challenges (because that is what we – perhaps unwittingly – do), and to approach them with mindful responses rather than reactionary ones, is to move in a good direction.

It is so easy to look around us and blame surrounding sources for our own hurt/pain/challenges/frustrations, when the only thing we ever really need to change is ourselves.

I hope if you have suffered a loss this year, especially if it’s a recent one, that this season is bearable for you. Loss at any time is so hard. It could be a loss of a loved one from this mortal coil or the loss of a relationship.

However small your own loss may seem to others, it matters to you, and you should allow yourself time to breathe and grieve. Take care of yourself first, because without your own health and wellbeing, you will be unable to provide or look after those you love.

On a happier note (!) we are moving towards the New Year, a time of reflection. We should pause to acknowledge our achievements from this year and ruminate on our hopes/dreams and plans for the coming twelve months.

Remember to pat yourself on the back for everything you are proud to have done, however minor each achievement may have seemed.

And look forward to the unveiling of fresh hope.

January 1st. Simply the day after December 31st. And yet .. full of promise. A day to shed the sadness and disappointments of ‘last year’ and to embrace the potential of the new one.

Wishing you a peaceful, relaxing and happy holiday season.

Please don’t feel alone. There is always someone kind just around the corner or at the end of a phone/or digital communication. If you need a kind word, make a call to someone you know, send a message, take a short walk/drive/even a bus journey. Strike up conversation with someone/anyone – whether you already know them or not – and you may just cheer each other in that moment of need. 🙂

Here’s to your 2018 being healthy, happy and productive!

Before I go I need to thank you so much for your continuing support of my work. I hugely appreciate it and wouldn’t have reached this point without it.

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Warmest wishes,



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