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Red Pesto Sauce

Hi You!

Last week I posted a deeeeelicious recipe for green pesto chips. I used coconut oil and … truth? … I try not to re-make any of my recipes after I’ve made them twice for this blog. Gotta keeping moving on … I weakened and have stocked up to make some more this week. They were just toooo good!

Late last week I had a request for a zucchini dish with pesto. I figured if we’re going to have zucchini with it, we may as add a few more vegetables into the vision!

So this is a mix of green AND red pesto!

The green pesto is the same as the recipe last week except you use pumpkin seeds instead of cashews. I did this because I know people with nut allergies and wanted to see how a seed pesto turned out. Oh ho diddly ho. It was diddly fabulous too!

Here’s the recipe for today: (Make any of these 3 pestos sauces, slavver it over ANY number of vegetables and roast them) I ate the remains raw the next day. It’s all great!

Red Pesto Sauce

PESTO-SELECTIONGather Your Goodies


Use whatever you fancy! For this recipe I used a little sweet potato, red and yellow peppers and some courgettes.

Cut them all into thick strips.

For the Pesto

1/2 Cup Sun Dried Tomatoes (dried, not from oil) (soak these in boiling water for 10 minutes so they soften and rehydrate)

1/2 Cup Sunflower Seeds (raw)

1/2 Cup Fresh Basil (pressed down into the cup so it’s good’n’full)

1/2 Medium Clove of Garlic

1/8 Cup Coconut Oil

1 Tbspn of Apple Cider Vinegar

TRAY-OF-VEG---LARGE-RESIt’s Action Time!

Set your oven to 160 degrees C (fan oven) 180-190 conventional oven.

As with the green pesto sauces, this is thick, rather than super oily. You’re looking to get the sauce to stick to your veg and if it’s really oily, that won’t happen.

Blend all your ingredients together bar the seeds. Add those in at the end and don’t worry if they don’t chop up too much. They’ll work brilliantly whether whole or a little choppy.

Making this small a volume, I use a very small blender. Chunky works well, so don’t worry if it doesn’t blend finely. If you double this recipe, you can use a food processor and the mixture will become smooth very easily.

Wash/chop/cut your vegetables into strips.

Place onto a baking tray in rows and press the pesto into the veg (I used a red and a green seed pesto for this recipe). I found that it’s best to line the underside of peppers with the pesto; while the mixture stuck beautifully to a couple of sides of the potato. Yummyyy! Gives you more to enjoy. 😉

Bake in the oven for 15 – 25 mins, depending on the veg you choose. If you use potatoes, check this recipe for pre-cooking them.

Please post below with your feed-back!

See you soon … 🙂




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Andrea says

Sarah, what fabulous recipes! Very much what I love to make and eat. Would love to see small helps for the Americans such as adding temps in Fahrenheit and telling us what courgettes are. Perhaps repeating instructions from the original recipes when you post variations. What are your thoughts on microwaving these for those who may be in hot climates or are in a hurry? Are they any good without the roasting? Alright, I’ll stop. Love this recipe!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi Andrea

    Thanks so much for your note. So glad you love the recipes!

    I will add Fahrenheit in future. I think I have in some previous recipes. Not always though! I didn’t realise that was what you used. Appreciate you letting me know! Courgettes are what you call ‘zucchini.’ I’m not sure I’ll know all the translations in advance. I’m making lots of lovely U.S. based on-line friends these days and our language seems very different. We laugh a lot about it! Please do nudge me any-time to address anything that confuses you and I will explain/make adjustments.

    Not sure why you ask about using microwaves in hot climates? I didn’t quite understand your roasting question either. If you explain more, I will answer.

Robyn says

Oh my goodness, I’m not going to need any recipes for a year if I keep pinning your stuff!! I can’t wait to try this! I LOVE pesto! YUMMMMERS! 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Haha! If you’re going to make a non fermented recipe Robyn, deffo make a pesto (or all 3)! 😉

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