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Red Onion and Garlic Flatbread

Red Onion and Garlic Flatbread

Ok my friend, here’s the final flatbread variation that I promised you last Friday.  I hope you enjoy it.  I’m currently totally in LOVE with this one! (Munch munch munch …)

Red Onion and Garlic Flatbread

Fried Red Onion and Garlic Flatbread


The Batter

2 Cups Chickpea Flour

2 Cups Filtered/Mineral Water

1 Lemon (juiced)

Salt and Pepper

The Topping

2 Tablespoons Rapeseed Oil (Virgin Oil is best not heated to high temperatures)

2 Large Red Onions

2 Medium sized Cloves of Garlic

It’s Action Time!

ONIONS-ON-FLATBREADHead on over to the original recipe to make your batter and simply use these ingredients above, plus … check below how you cook the onions.

Add your oil to a pan and gently/slowly fry the onions until they’re super soft and browned a little, but not too brown.

Remember to keep the bread pretty thin. It can feel heavy to eat if it’s too thick.

The original recipe includes an article also explains the benefits of chickpeas and why they’re a seriously good addition to a daily eating plan.

As an alternative to wheat, it’s a versatile, gluten-free, nutritious, health-giving food.

What’s NOT to like? And if you need all THREE versions, here’s the rosemary and caper recipe.

Reader Brian Rayburn posted a photo of the rosemary and caper flatbread on my Facebook wall yesterday.  Looks great Brian! Thank you for sharing your culinary skills. 🙂



So, which one are YOU going to make first? 😉

See you soon!

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Irene Brankin says

Just can’t make up my mind yet – loving your recipes xx

    Sarah Jackson says

    The onion one. The onion one! He he. Oh Irene, I’m addicted to it at the moment. The others are wicked too though. Just sooo useful for all types of meals. Couldn’t be without them now. So glad you love the recipes. Thank you so much. xx

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