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Raw Juice – Fermented

I filmed this video this morning, just before a man arrived to fix our fence. Tonight, I added in the fancy bits.

“Fancy bits?” I hear you say. Fancy bits on an iPhone?

Well.  Kind of.

Part of this 30 day blog challenge was to write/produce a controversial post. I hadn’t tackled that one, because I’ve been happy just chugging along, writing about fermented foods.

But I filmed and edited this little honey, showed my husband, soon after he walked through the door after work and ….

His reaction?

Well, it prompted me to post the link in my blogging group to garner some feed-back.


Opinion was forthright. Mostly encouraging. However, there was a smattering of divide.

So.  I guess this is my controversial post then!

Raw Juice – Fermented – It’s On it’s Way …

Toodle-Oo for now!

Have a great evening.

Please let me know what YOU think of this style of video in the comment box below. (I will publish the printable ones! 😉

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I love to experiment with food, write poetry, read, walk in nature, take iphone photographs, sing, cycle, watch good movies, documentaries, dramas and comedy.

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Sarah Arrow says

Gosh, you and Helena need to do a double act! lol

    Sarah Jackson says

    Scary, isn’t is Sarah? 😉

Robyn says

Um, don’t wanna sound mean or anything but….SERIOUSLY?!! You call that controversial!? LOL!! Just like always…fun, engaging, entertaining, charming! You, my friend, have found your NICHE!!! ♥

    Sarah Jackson says

    Awww. Feeling humble. Robyn, thank you. The blogging community is so supportive. Thanks so much for the lovely feed-back. You’re a doll. xx

Helina says

“999 what’s your emergency?”
“Well there’s this crazy woman on the internet talking about fermented food..!”
“Yeah, I mean.. now she’s made a video about it. spreading the info.. it’s pretty out there”
“What’s the address? We’ll dispatch a SWAT team immediately!”
“Thank you, I was getting worried for a moment there..”
“It’s our pleasure, thanks for letting us know. These people have to be caught before they can do any more damage!”

    Sarah Jackson says

    Helina. Thank you for leaving a comment that’s as ‘out there’ as my video! (If we ever need help to act more sensibly, let’s go get it together. 😉

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