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Raw Chocolate Orange Sweets

This is the recipe I created that stopped my craving for shop bought chocolate! I hope it helps you too. You can adapt it to suit your tastebuds. Don’t fancy orange or ginger? Add some organic vanilla or cinnamon powder.

Raw Chocolate Orange Sweets

Gather Your Goodies

200 g Dates

1/2 Cup Almond Meal (This is Almonds Ground into Powder – it resembles a rough flour)

1/2 Cup Raw Sesame Seeds

1 Tablespoon Raw Cacao Powder

4 Teaspoons of fermented orange zest (or less, depending on how you would like to taste)

It’s Action Time!

If you have a food processor, add all your ingredients and mix until a ball is formed.  (Remember to remove the date stones!)

If not:

Grab yourself a large bowl (this is a messy business, so you want to be working deep down in a large bowl). I love lightweight plastic ones. They’re easy to move around, clean and store.

If you have a mincer, mince your dates so they’re lovely and smooth.

If not, you can chop them very small.

Add your almond meal and sesame seeds, then sprinkle the choc powder over the whole mixture.


  • Before you start mixing the ingredients together – it’s a good idea to get this stuff ready:
  • Shake a good, thick coating of choc powder onto a large flat plate or into a large, flat-bottomed dish/bowl.
  • Have a clean plate or two on which to place your chocolates when they’re ready.
  • I pop them straight into these containers, seal them with a lid (written before I start making the sweets) then freeze them.
  • Freezing means you’ll always have a treat to hand, to stop you reaching for refined sugars when you’re too busy to cook/prepare food.
  • Supermarkets sell these storage containers in packs of 6-10. I buy ours wholesale. Two sizes, 1000 of each.  With lids. I’m still using them, 3 years later!
  • It’s a fair bit cheaper to buy this way, but more importantly, you always have some to hand whenever you need to freeze down any leftovers or new recipes. Less waste generally!
  • Have the orange rind to hand.
  • A cloth to scrub your hands with.
  • A tea towel to dry your hands.
  • Be near your sink.
  • Have a couple of spoons handy (I use long-handled teaspoons for this recipe, so I can take small amounts of the mixture with ease).
  • Have the open cacao powder packet open and ready to use, in case you need an extra dusting in your sweets or in your bowl during the mixing process (as above.)
  • Ready? 🙂

    Okay, you’re going to use your hands to mix all your ingredients together.

    Squeeze the mixture in your hands and through your fingers to ensure that the seeds, meal, and dates all mix together evenly.  Form a large ball and keep gathering up the remaining almond meal in the bottom of your bowl, squeezing and mixing as you do this. You may be left with a small residue of nut meal and seeds in the base of the bowl, but that’s ok.

    Now add the orange rind and run through the same procedure. Ensure that the orange is permeating evenly throughout the mix.  You will be pushing that mixture through your fingers repeatedly and get extremely messy, but it’s the best way to infuse the orange flavour throughout!

    The mixture will be firm enough for you to tear a little piece here and there away to taste. Once you’re happy with it, wash your hands. Your nails will probably need a good clean too!

    It’s time to grab:

    • Your spoon
    • Bowl with chocolate in and the plate/bowls/foil containers you’re going to store your sweets in and have them all conveniently near to hand.

    Take a small spoonful of the chocolate mixture and roll place it in the palm of one of your hands.  Place the palm of your other hand on top of the mixture and rub your two hands together to form a ball shape.

    Once you’ve made it round, pick up the ball and roll it in the bowl with chocolate powder.  Your sweet is now ready to store.

    Repeat this process until you have around 16 large balls. I tend to make 3 times that number so they’re bite-sized and less of a sugary serving.

    Ooh, Really?

    Pretty them up for special occasions, using silicone moulds, as in the feature photo here!

    I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


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