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Raw Chocolate Mousse Video Tutorial

Raw Chocolate Mousse

Hey Friend!

Where did THAT month go?!

If you keep an eye on my Facebook page, you’ll be aware that I’m in the depth of a ‘once in a lifetime’ cleanse of my belongings. I wouldn’t call it ‘going minimalist’ but it’s most definitely a clearance of everything I don’t need/am unlikely to use in future.

This isn’t an easy task. Have you tried it?! Decades of accumulated ‘stuff’ that, despite numerous previous clear outs. Ugh!

It’s a craze that seems to be sweeping the Western Hemisphere at the moment. As I talk about it online, more friends/followers are joining the conversation to share their own stories .. and the impact it’s making in their life.

Trust me. It does make an impact!

For every room that’s cleared, the heart and head feel lighter and clearer. It goes sooo much deeper than just tidying. This ISN’T a tidy.

I’m trying to get it completed before the next new moon on Feb 15th. Yup. A little bit ‘woo woo’ (haha) but that’s the way I’m leaning this year. Grounded woo woo land here we come … (giggle).

Curious? In a sentence:

Set your monthly intentions on the New Moon and get’em done by the end of that phase, before the next New Moon.

The Full moon is a time of great purging, during the moon’s cycle. I was crazy busy last Tuesday – 10 hours of clearing. Have needed to slow down since then (could hardly walk after that! – a long Epsom salt bath put that right straight away though) and can now feel the next purge bubbling!

I’ll be sharing more details in a little Ebook when I’m done.

The video below is just a few seconds long. It is THE most DELICIOUS mousse. I promise you! Raw. Chocolatey. Added sugar free. And immune boosting.

It honestly doesn’t get much more decadent than this for raw healthy goodness.

The video tutorial will be for sale soon. Keep an eye out for an email from me to let you know when it’s ready.

If you haven’t already – save:

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Have a FANTABULOUS week (!) and chat again soon.

Raw Chocolate Mousse Video Tutorial

Well okay, just a teaser of what’s coming your way …


Raw Chocolate Mousse Video Tutorial

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