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Raw Cashew Vanilla Nut Butter

I created this recipe recently and shared the photo with friends who have nudged me to post it here! It’s a while since I made something that hooked me in so rapidly it could become an addiction! Honestly, this sugar free, utterly delicious nut butter could be used in so many ways, I know you’re going to love it!

I won’t beat about the bush. Let’s get stuck in …

Raw Cashew Vanilla Nut Butter


Gather Your Goodies

500 g Raw Cashew Nuts

2 Teaspoons Vanilla Powder

1/4 Teaspoon of Pink Himalayan Salt

It’s Action Time!

Place all your ingredients in a food processor. For this recipe you’re going to need a top drawer processor. Only a high powered machine will do this job without overheating.

If you try with an inexpensive model I would suggest resting the machine at regular intervals to allow it to cool down. It could take you a  long time and I’m still not sure it will create as smooth a butter as you would achieve in a higher end model, so I’m not able to recommend trying it. It’s your machine and your call!

Turn the machine on and let it run for 10 minutes, stopping to scrape down the nuts from the side of the machine if you feel the need. One time I did do that; sometimes the nuts keep moving and it’s not necessary. Keep an eye on how it’s going and make a decision accordingly.

If after 10 minutes your nuts haven’t turned to a creamy butter, they need longer in the machine.

What happens is this:

First, the nuts will be broken into pieces, crumbs, then finer crumbs. They will eventually clump into a huge ball. That ball will then be broken down by the blades and the oil from the nuts will start to release. It’s only when sufficient oil has been extracted from the nuts that the mixture will transform into a creamy butter.

The result? The yummiest nut butter I’ve ever tasted!

Let me know what you think of it when you’ve made it. I knw some of you are waiting to try this one. 😉

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Paola says

Are you kidding me?! That sounds soooo tasty and awesome!!!
I WANT!!!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Haha. Go make then Paola! 😉

Gilly Maddison says

This sounds gorgeous but I am not sure my food processor would be good enough as it is a cheapie. I like the idea of using raw nuts; the cashew butter I buy is possibly made with roasted ones which is not a good idea. I am wondering if I could make this in the coffee bean grinding attachment that came with my blender because coffee beans must be harder than nuts. I use it to grind sunflower seeds into crumbs but have never thought of going further and making a nut butter. I might try it – thanks for the inspiration to explore!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi Gilly, this recipe does require a powerful food processor. I doubt a coffee bean grinder would do the work and wouldn’t advise trying without checking the instructions or with the manufacturer. If you’re keen on nut butter going forward, investing in a quality food processor is a definite plus. I have three bowls. One that’s great for small batches of coleslaw etc .. and a puree machine, plus a juicer attachment, which I use for just citrus fruits. All so handy. If finances allow, you can always keep your cheaper machine as a spare/back up, or for travelling. 🙂 .. I must admit I’m a bit of a gadget addict! I don’t have space for much more now. If I ever design a new kitchen I’ll have the longest worktop ever just to house kitchen kit!!

Nicole says

Sounds yum! can you make it with peanuts as well? Or almonds?

    Sarah Jackson says

    I would replace the cashews with almonds, yes, Nicole. If I made a peanut butter I’d make it quite differently. I plan to make one in the near’ish future, because although I don’t eat peanuts generally, they’re popular and I have plans for a recipe where peanut butter will be needed. Keep tuned and I’ll keep you posted! 😉

Verushka says

Delish ! I love Vanilla and Cashews so great combo.

Suzanne says

I’m hooked! Thank you!

    Sarah Jackson says

    😉 .. My pleasure.

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