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Raw Breakfast Bowl

I kind of caught the roasted-breakfast-bug for a while.

I’ve been making my Muesli for a long time now, alongside an occasional raw fermented porridge and another recipe I’ve yet to feature on the blog: an orange muesli (uh huh – I’m back on the orange again. 😉

If you prefer a raw bowl of food to start your day, this has to be the speediest way to put together a large storage container of goodness for the week.

The ingredients below will make you a batch that will yield around 9 bowls.

Raw Breakfast Bowl

RAW-CEREALGather Your Goodies

1 Cup Sunflower Seeds

1 Cup Cashew Nuts

1 Cup Pumpkin Seeds

4 Cups Almond Flakes

6 Cups Coconut Flakes

2 Tbspns Ground Cinnamon



It’s Action Time!

Throw all your ingredients into a large bowl.

Sprinkle over the ground cinnamon.

Stir everything together with a giant spoon, until the entire mix is nicely coated with cinnamon.

Pour into a storage container. Seal tight.

You’re ready for the week!

Ooh, Really?!

I love to add a fermented fruit topping.

I used to eat it with sheep’s yoghurt, but these day’s it’s creamy coconut kefir or … cashew nut yoghurt (coming soon! ;-)).

Have a brilliant week-end!

What have you made this week from the blog?! Let me know how you’re getting on ..

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Nicole says

I love cereal! Muesli is great I like the Dorset Simply Nutty one. Never tried making my own though. Should give it a shot!

    Sarah Jackson says

    It’s so easy and quick to make Nicole that I haven’t bought for years now. And the benefit is that you interchange ingredients according to what you have in stock or what you fancy each week! 🙂

April Sherlock says

Wow! This sounds delicious! Not so sure about fermented fruits. But the cereal is something that I’ve gotta try!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi April. Fermented fruits are really yummy. Honest! 😉 … Berries go fizzy and tart. You can add honey/rice or maple syrup to sweeten them a little and then you’re getting another probiotic fix and a variety of them in your diet. They make a delicious raw coulis too. Maybe try with just one small packet of your fave berries? Just pop in a jar with filtered water and either some ginger ferment water or 1/4 teaspoon of salt, leave for a week and give them a go? (Have I persuaded you yet? Haha. You won’t know unless you try.)

    (Ok, that was my last shot.) (Today. Wink.)

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