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Quinoa Bowl

Hey You!

Have you heard of quinoa? So many foodies have been using it for a looong time now. Until recently, I’d bypassed it, then decided to give it a try. It has an unusual taste. Kind of sweet and yet not, which makes it useful for both sweet and savoury dishes.

In it’s dry form, it can come in flakes which can be eaten raw or cooked.


Quinoa Bowl

Gather Your Goodies


I’ve calculated the Carb, Protein, Fat, Sugar (in grams) and Calorie content of this bowl for you, and listed a few of the main vitamins and minerals.

Variety is key, with vitamins and minerals. We help our bodies by varying the foods we eat.

Quinoa is a high protein, high carb food, low in gluten (so it’s suitable for coeliacs) with uncooked quinoa rating higher with protein than the cooked version.

It’s rich in vitamins and minerals and is a complete protein.

This bowl would be an easy snack or lunch, and a useful carb load, without being heavy, in the build up to a fitness session .. or as a repair snack. We need protein for cell building and muscle repair after working out.

To make the liquid part of this bowl generous enough – those flakes soak up liquid like it’s goin’ right outta fashion! – you could use half the fruit as a pouring sauce by popping it in a blender and stirring it through the almond milk and flakes.

Unusual? Yes, if you’re not used to it. Easy and quick? Most certainly! And sometimes, that’s just the ticket. 😉

Have you tried quinoa .. and do you like it?

quinoa bowl

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Becky melton says

Quinoa bowl….hmmmm that actually sounds yummy! I just may have to try this! ?

    Sarah Jackson says

    It’s good Becky, but I now think a smaller portion of quinoa would be better. Half that volume. It’s protein high and would compromise the rest of your day. Other than that, steam in!

Kama says

I love quinoa. We use it often instead of rice. I love the nutty flavour.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Do you Kama? That’s good. I think I’m going to start using it more myself now. It’s best to source from the UK. Apparently there are Quinoa wars going on around the world, because of it’s popularity. Pretty unpleasant stuff. There’s a farm somewhere in Shropshire apparently. I don’t know where mine is from, although I do know it’s organic and from the UK, packaged by someone other than the farmer. I’ll have to check that one soon.

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