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Preserved Lemons and Limes Recipe

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How’s your weekend going? GLORIOUS weather again here today! 🙂

I’d like to share one of my fermented fridge basics with you. At ALL times I have a jar of each of these to hand. A BIG jar! They’re so ready to add to recipes.

It’s said that the best way to get plenty of probiotics into your system is to make a variety of fermented food and drink so that you’re always adding a little to recipes whenever you can.

My basics are:

Sauerkraut (which I tend to eat from the jar or as a pate, with different nuts/seeds added)

Coconut Kefir

Fermented Berries

and Lemons and Limes.


It’s safe to say that the fridge is usually full of fermented food at any one time, but I’m rarely without the foods above!

And, oh .. look! You can see them right there at the front, with a pile of berry cartons ready to be fermented … and milk in the door. (The shelf up from the bottom is cow’s kefir – which my husband drinks and I second ferment that with a slice of orange and sometimes some fresh juice too, to speed up the process.)

Ooh, Really?!

If you read about fermentation, it’s often quoted that it’s necessary to use 2-3% salt for wild ferments. I met with a leading fermenter and author on the subject who uses 2% in his sauerkraut and says that you can adjust the level of salt to suit the ferment.

Salt prevents the process of fermentation running away to quickly and stops the food breaking down too quickly, but many people don’t want to use too much salt and also, if the food is very salty, it can be hard to add it to dishes.

With preserved lemons and limes, the outer skin is tough and I’ve found a formula that works very well, the fruit definitely ferments nicely and keeps in the fridge for a long time successfully. We keep our fridge at 2 degrees.

Remember that food continues to ferment in the fridge, just at a slower pace. The hotter the environment, the speedier the fermenting process. The cooler, the slower.

The surface of limes strips to the same colour as lemons when fermented, so mark your jars or you may not be able to tell them apart!

Preserved Lemons and Limes Recipe

Gather Your Goodies




Enough lemons or limes to fill a 1 1/2 quart/litre clamp down jar.

Himalayan or sea salt.






It’s Action Time!

FERMENTED LEMONSCut your fruit into quarters (I never mix the two fruits; I make a jar of each and keep them separate, so you don’t mix the flavours and can use either lemons or limes in recipes that aren’t tainted with the flavour of another fruit.)

Pop the fruit into your jar and fill it to just below the neck of the jar.

Fill the jar with filtered water to above the level of the fruit.

Add 1/4 teaspoon salt.

Clamp down the jar and leave in a room at around 68 – 75 degrees Fahrenheit until you can open the jar and it makes a popping sound or you see tiny bubbles forming in the water. Taste the water. Taste a little of the lemon/lime.

You will notice that it becomes fizzy and more sour than usual. Keep a close eye on your ferment if the room is warmer than the temps above. We don’t keep our rooms at an even temp all the time, so times will vary when ferments are ready. Please always use any suggestions as a guide.

Some recipes you can add these to:

  • Salad Dressings
  • Hummus
  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Raw Soups
  • Desserts

The list is endless!

And it takes seconds to make them!

Go on. Make some this week and start adding a little fermented juice to your food and drinks right now!

You gonna do it? 😉




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Gilly Maddison says

What a great idea. I had never heard of this but will be trying it out. So pleased to find your blog – it’s good to link up with healthy eaters. I have been into this way of life since meeting someone like you while living in Canada many years ago and understanding how ‘normal’ food causes terrible health problems but it is SO hard to live that way while surrounded by ‘normal’ eaters.

    Sarah Jackson says

    I hear you Gilly! It’s a mindset. We all have time out and indulge when out with friends sometimes. I’ve found that the longer you live the healthy way, the more you enjoy the benefits and the less inclined you feel to return to ‘normal’ Western eating habits. 🙂

Corinne Rodrigues says

Got a jar full ready to be pickled now. I’ll be adding pepper corns, red chilli peppers and some jaggery to it.

    Sarah Jackson says

    What a great idea Corinne! That’s the great thing about fermenting food. You can add whatever suits your palate or whatever dishes you’re making!

    Keeping a few done this way is a great idea too, to pop into smoothies, juices and ice creams etc. Unless of course, you’re one crazy mumma who like chilli ice cream and drinks! 😉 (Don’t tell me – you ARE that woman! Haha)

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