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Pickled Onions

Pickled Onions

Oh I dooo like a Ploughman’s! Isn’t it ANY time of year that you can grab a hunk of bread, some cheese, chutney and a pickled onion or two? (Of course, you can use any bread, any cheese that tickles your fancy ..)

I’ve just put together the most delicious raw, fermented apple chutney (coming soon) and to accompany that, here is THE simplest pickled onion recipe EVER ..


Pickled Onions

Gather Your Goodies

A bunch of shallots (however many you’d like to pickle!)

It’s Action Time!

Peel your shallots and place them in a 3/4 pint jar. (A little under 1/2 litre.)

1 teaspoon of ginger ferment juice. (I always have fermented ginger in my fridge and use the juice for pickling onions, fruits etc)

1/4 teaspoon good quality salt (not table salt).

Pour filtered water over the onions, so they’re submerged.

Use a cabbage leaf to hold the onions under the ginger water.

Keep a check on them.

Mine took about a week. It depends on the temperature of your fermenting room.  68-75 degrees is pretty good, but our room is much warmer! Temperature can vary so much.  It’s up to you to look after your baby! 😉

You’ll see tiny bubbles in the water.  After 3 days, pop the lid open.  If there’s a hiss, they’re fermenting nicely.

Ooh, Really?!

My suggestion is that you take out one onion and chop a piece off (use clean hands and clean knife!) .. taste it and replace the rest of the onion into the liquid, using that as your taste test.

Avoid getting any germs/dirty fingers on the onion you’re putting back in. You don’t want to encourage any bad bacteria.

These are strong and will be delicious to pickled onion lovers!


See you Wednesday with another fermented recipe ..



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kimberly says

This post is making my mouth water. I can’t say much more cos i’m droooollling….:)

    Sarah Jackson says

    Ah, thanks Kimberly! Welcome to the blog. Hope you try some of the recipes. Keep in touch!

Sherry says

That looks delicious! Not made pickled onions before – it’s something I used to love to eat but haven’t tried in years.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hey Sherry. It was my first time too. Super easy. Enjoy!

Nicole says

Oh that ploughman platter looks delicious! I’ve never tried pickling anything, I should really give it a try!

    Sarah Jackson says

    The chutney is my favourite and that’s not even on the platter Nicole! 😉 .. Hope you have a try. It’s all very easy to make and it’s such fun fermenting food.

Donna Boehm says

What Is chutney? Pickled onionsuch nooooo. The only thing on that plate I will eat is apples lol

    Sarah Jackson says

    It’s a chunky, fruity thick sauce that we eat with cheese and meats in the UK Donna. Super yummy! It’s usually cooked in preparation, but my recipe is a raw, fermented one.

Corinne Rodrigues says

I love pickled onions, Sarah, but haven’t made them before. I’m bookmarking this post and will keep an eye out for the shallots!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Fabulous Corinne! I’m sure any small onion will do. Shallots are supposed to be sweeter than other onions, but I can’t say I notice that! I used ginger to balance out the strength of the onion. I never much liked them steeped in the acidity of vinegar.

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