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Pesto Sushi Rolls

Hey Friend!

Welcome to the NEW LOOK blog, with my adventures detailed in video, rather than just the written word. Expect the unexpected … food/fitness/motivation/spiritual mutterings – don’t panic .. only ‘ground to woo woo’ haha … appalling ukulele playing/ my networking and foreign travels/ clothes styling and anything silly/amusing/whatever that happens to me along the road that may serve to entertain you!

So … I hope 2019 has started with a crack, bang, whallop for you?!

How can it be Valentine’s Day already?!! (Happy Love Day to you, while we’re on that subject. Haha.)

It’s about time I shared some food with you again. Right?

Pesto Sushi Rolls

Here I am in the kitchen, 6 months ago, making some light sushi rolls. Such an easy food to make and perfect for either snacks or a main meal for any time of day.

Meanwhile, back at Love Camp (haha) I’ve penned a few poems the past few months and, since it’s a big Lurve Day today, it feels fitting to share a poem that slipped off my fingers a few months ago.

I wrote it for a couple whose wedding I attended last summer.


Love the heart you own.

Love it in all it’s form,

for sometime it will lead you

to the highest plane;

Radiant in it’s magnificence;

Adoring. Adored. 


Love the heart you own.

Love it as dark descends,

for some day it may traverse

less clear terrain,

challenge your reason,

when you are steered from your truth.


Love the heart you own.

Love it as others do, 

for kindest word or warmest hug,

forgiveness and compassion

are each a precious gift;

So too is all the heart can give.


Love the heart you own.

Love it’s inner guide,

for it shall speak, if you shall heed;

And sweep you gently down 

the only path

your life will ever need.


Enjoy your day! See you next week.


Love and Valentine Hugs to ya.

Pesto Sushi Rolls

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