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Orange Ice Cream

I’m sooo excited to share this with you! But first, I have to tell you what’s been happening Chez Moi in the kitchen of late.

You see, with my love of kefir being only  ‘just‘ under control … I need to keep exploring what else I can do with it.  There are soooo many delicious ways to enjoy it, that my mind won’t rest until I’ve played with loads of flavours, textures and recipes!

Now I have this blog and you’re reading it, I have the perfect reason to start creating.  (Mr Him would say that I do that perfectly well without entering the kitchen. Arf.)

You see, I want you to love kefir as much as I do.

And then last night, I took the newspaper to bed and what stared back at me?

You know I’ve been bleating on about probiotics for the past fortnight now?  Of course I have.  I mean, kefir – and all fermented food for that matter – is packed with the blighters.

I’ve noticed that, almost weekly now, the national papers and magazines are covering stories about probiotics and matters fermented in one way or another.

Only earlier this month there was an article about a global pharmaceutical trying to capture 1 or 2 strains of leading probiotics to pop in a pill.

Please may I share here though, that no pill with 2, 3 or even 10 strains is going to have a chance of catching up kefir in the race for ‘Best in Class.’

Kefir has over 35 strains (some say a lot more) and will smack any probiotic pill slap bang in the chops.

That’s not to say there may not be value in pills for some people.  Better to take something, than nothing.

But the best way to maximise your intake on a daily basis is through making – and eating or drinking – your own probiotic food and refreshments.



















So it’s official.  There’s a choc ice out there that’s doing it’s good work.  Don’t you just wanna kiss it? (Or eat it? 😉

Ah.  Choc ices.  My gran loved’em.  I preferred orangey lollies on a stick, with ice cream in the centre.

Woah! I hadn’t planned to write that previous line.  Ain’t that a funny thing? So my most beloved flavours from youth have followed me all the way to (ahem) … now.

I really do love the flavour of oranges, although I rarely have the desire to stand and peel one.  FAR too lazy!

Odd that.  Since I’ll happily slice in two and carefully segment a grapefruit.  Which is more labour intensive ..

And only this week I spent 11 hrs (yes, I count them!) on my feet in the kitchen preparing ferments.  Totally forgot the time, I did.

But peeling an orange? Don’t know what it is …. (she trails off, wondering wistfully about this vast, personal design fault.)

Not to be totally defeated by L’Orange though, I am more than content to grate them.

And so this smooth, creamy, delicately flavoured orange ice cream whisked itself onto a plate for hubby to taste.

But First ..

Fermented Orange Rind

Now you could just use fresh rind, but this adventure is all about fermenting as much as you can, whenever you can. 🙂

And what you ferment today will be ready so soon, it’s almost rude not to.

Also, fermenting intensifies flavours, so if you want to pack a lovely orange punch into your ice cream, it’s guaranteed to add that je ne sais quoi.

And you wouldn’t say no to a little Gallic je ne sais quoi.

Would you? 😉

Using the finest side of my rather large grater (I like to try to keep my fingers intact – can’t say I always succeed) I zested 4 oranges and popped the zest into a jar.

I then filled the jar to the neck with water, added 1/8 teaspoon of salt and left the jar, with the lid screwed on tightly, overnight. (Don’t allow metal to touch a ferment.)


Gather Your Goodies

Remember, we’ve made this ‘stuff’ in previous posts.

Check back through the kefir series (by clicking on the links in this post) and you will find all the information you need through those links and in other posts in this series.  We’re Day 16 today.  Awww.  Sweet 16.

  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Kefir
  • 1/2 Cup Coconut Cream Cheese
  • 55g Orange Flesh (with pith removed)
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Fermented Orange Zest
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Orange Extract (You can buy this.  If you do, opt for extract over ‘flavour’ as the latter is chemical) (We will make this too, soon!)
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Honey/Agave Syryp (or more, to taste … Taste the mixture before you chill it to pour into ice-cream maker or pop in the freezer)

It’s Action Time!

Pour your kefir milk into a blender.

Add the coconut cream cheese.

Add the rest of your ingredients.

Blend for a few seconds, until the mixture is perfectly smooth and creamy.

(I haven’t made this with an ordinary blender, only a high speed one, but I’m sure a powerful blender will mush up the orange flesh ok.  You do need a smooth mixture to make the ice-cream.)

For this first time, I simply poured the mixture into a small, deep, tupperware tub, sealed the lid on tightly and popped it into the freezer. (Do ensure your lid is snapped on or you will get ice crystals forming, which will ruin your beautiful ice cream.)

It took around 5 hrs to become lovely and creamy.  I probably checked it once an hour and stirred.

I’ve now bought an ice cream maker for these reasons:

  • These ice creams will freeze harder than shop bought.  We are making seriously healthy ice cream now and the only difference is that you’re best catching it ‘just before’ it fully freezes.
  • Because I want to create lots of recipes to share with you, I want to be able to work faster.
  • In my ice-cream machine, this volume takes just 5 minutes! In truth, some gets stuck to the bottom of the bowl and although it’s possible to remove and eat it (why wouldn’t you?!) a larger volume would no doubt work a little better.


Once the kefir and kefir cheese has been made, it literally takes 2-3 minutes to blend your ice-cream as above and then it’s just a case of checking and stirring once an hour.

What you want to avoid, is allowing it to freeze further than ‘creamy.’  It’s at this point the ice cream is truly at it’s best.

Trust me.  You won’t want to freeze any!;-)

I have a discerning  hubby.  He’s into ‘man food.’ He does drink cow’s kefir every day, but he doesn’t place requests for kefir recipes!

He’s a brutal judge.  I ask for that. If he says ‘yes’ .. well, it’s almost as exciting as the Man from Delmonte doing the same. 😉 (You need to be a certain age to get that joke.  If you don’t, please move on. Don’t fret.  The ones who ‘got it’ will be smiling. 😉

For this recipe? He awarded me 10/10. Without hesitation.

I almost fell off my own feet!

I don’t jump around about recipes all the time, but I’m seriously chuffed with this one.  Hopefully you will love it too, but I also know that I can now make this for myself, eat bundles of it and be getting my probiotics at the same time.

So there you have it.

Oh! I’m on a 30 day blog challenge.  As you may be aware.

Today’s task is to include some social media feed-back.

To be honest, FB has magicked recent comments away.

I wouldn’t choose to post these for you to read.  It’s only people saying nice things about me.  But I’ve been instructed.

And you know how obedient I am. 😉

So here we go.  I’ve taken some screenshots and would like, pre ME ME ME moment, to say thank you to all my lovely friends and social media friends who have been so encouraging and generous with their feed-back each time I’ve posted photos/recipes.  I’ve enjoyed the build up to launching this blog immensely.

Thank you all. I hope to keep learning myself for years to come and share as much of it as I can with you here.

Ok, enough of the humble.  Time to BRAGGGGGG. (Hehehehehehe) – The larger screen shots are the most recent.  The dates ones are all last year.  Gosh.  I don’t take much note of that stuff.  Too busy making foooood!

orange ice-cream


orange ice cream


orange ice cream

orange ice-cream

orange ice-cream

orange ice-cream

orange ice cream




orange ice-cream

So that’s me done! Phew.  You still awake? 😉

I’m orf to work on another post now.  There’s a topping to this ice cream, but I can’t share it just yet because the challenge has other tasks for me.  Hold onto your undies though.  I’ll be back with crumble crunch before you sneeze at your granny.

(And remember, sneezes DON’T win prizes. 😉 … (Bruce Forsythe – another in-joke.  TV one this time.) (Sorreeeeeeee …)

Toodle-Oo for now!

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