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Oat Free Muesli

So I’ve been making my muesli for a long while now.

I’ve since made a couple of other versions .. one with a lower volume of oats and an orange muesli. I’ll post those on Wednesday.

Here’s the oat free version:

OAT-FREE-MUESLIGather Your Goodies

The Muesli

1 Cup Flaked Almonds (raw, blanched)

3 Cups Cashews (raw)

1 Cup Pumpkin seeds (raw)

1 Cup Sunflower seeds (raw)

1 Cup Hazelnuts (ground)

2 Cups Almonds (ground into meal/powder – you can do this yourself – it doesn’t need to be as fine as a flour, just rough powder is great)

The Coating

7 Tablespoons Coconut Oil

5 Tablespoons Rice Syrup/Honey

3 Teaspoons Cinnamon

Ooh, Really?!

This makes around 9 generous bowls of cereal. You may like a smaller bowl and add some fermented berries. It goes a long way and you can always make up 2 batches at a time and cook them straight after each other!

I use rice syrup as my choice of sweetener. It’s a great binder, is slightly less sweet than honey, is made by boiling down the starch from rice and is a glucose based food, rather than fructose based honey. Our bodies have no use for fructose, so aside from the healing properties of raw honey, the liver has to deal with fructose as a waste product. Glucose can be broken down and used by every cell of the body for energy, hence my reason for choosing rice syrup when I need a sticky sugar.  Sugar is a BIG subject and something I’ll talk about another time in a blog post. Please use whatever you feel is best for you. I’m just sharing my own feelings on this. 🙂

You can buy almonds in the form of ‘almond meal’ which is a roughly ground powder or you could buy almonds in flakes or whole and grind them yourself.

MUESLIIt’s Action Time!

Add all your dry ingredients to a large bowl.

Melt the coconut oil in a saucepan. Add the sweetener and cinnamon. Mix together and pour over the dry ingredients. Stir in thoroughly so all the nuts and seeds are coated generously.

Pour the ingredients into baking trays lined with parchment paper. I tend to wipe the paper with a little coconut oil first, so the food doesn’t stick to it during the cooking process.

Cook at 160 degrees Centigrade (fan oven) (350 – 375 Fahrenheit)  (180-190 C – gas oven) and check every 10 mins to turn and see if it’s cooked enough.

You may like it lightly toasted or more heavily cooked. You will be able to see the nuts and seeds turning a light, then golden brown. It’s your choice as to when you take the muesli out of the oven!


I hope you enjoy this scrumptious breakfast.

See you later in the week with another version of this breakfast!






Little Extra Note:  30th June: I made this recipe today with 2 cups of crush pecan nuts replacing 2 of the cashews and 2 cups of almonds, plus 1 cup pecans ground, instead of hazelnuts. That meant NO cashews. Works great! Ring the changes with nuts and seeds to suit what you have in the cupboard at the time .. and also, what you enjoy most. xx

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Robyn says

I didn’t know about the glucose/fructose stuff! Interesting…I love learning new things! I’m off to tidy up my pantry and look for fructose.

Yvonne Dalzell says

Thanks for sharing Sarah. Definitely one to try getting fed up with eating porridge and feel like a change.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Pleasure Yvonne! I hope you enjoy it.

Wendy Tomlinson says

Sounds fantastic. I bet it smells delicious too. I love the smell of coconut.

    Sarah Jackson says

    It does Wendy!!! Let me know when you try it.

Vidya Sury says

Looks delicious Sarah.

Rice syrup – this is the first time I’ve heard of this. Do you have a recipe?

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you! I use it as my sweetener of choice in most of my recipes that require a sweetener Vidya. It’s the same consistency as honey.

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