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No Oil Red Pepper Hummus

A while ago I wanted created a raw hummus, simply because I LOVE hummus and wanted to be able to eat it without always adding extra oil to my meal.

I’ve been thinking about oil more recently and the fact that we eat it in food and also add it to food. There are times we could create just what we need without added oil because there’s plenty in the recipe we’re already making, and there are times we may want to add our oil to a different part of our meal. I hope that makes sense?!

Anyway, with all this in mind, I set about making a ‘no oil’ dressing which has plenty of good fat in it; just that it’s in the food itself within the recipe, rather than added as refined product. (I’ll share that one soon.)

And then I decided to do the same with hummus, so I could eat it on bread and add an oily fish without overloading my meal with oil. Ya get me? 😉

So here it is. A refined version of my original. I wanted to make it smoother and less dry than my first version. I hope this hits the spot for you. I had the thumbs up from my taste testers and enjoy it myself, so please let me know if you do too!

Here are some benefits of raw red bell peppers:

No Oil Red Pepper Hummus


The Tahini

3/4 Cup unhulled sesame seeds (I find the hulled ones a little more bitter, so I chose unhulled for this recipe)

1/2 Preserved Lemon (You could use fresh lemons. I dare you to make preserved ones. So ridiculously quick and then you have a probiotic hummus. Woo!)

Sea or Himalyan Salt

The Hummus

380 g Can/Carton Chickpeas (organic where possible)

100 g Red Pepper (organic – see Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen post for which fruit and veg to choose as organic and non organic)

Juice from 1 1/2 Lemons (I use Preserved Lemons)

1/2 Teaspoon of Chipotles (I don’t ‘do’ hot spice! Trust me. If you’re like me, this is still ok. It’s a wickedly yummy smoky flavour with just a teeny kick – you could always leave this out or just add paprika or black pepper if you prefer)

1/4 Cup Tahini (from the recipe above)

It’s Action Time!

The Tahini

Pour your sesame seeds into a mini blender and blend as well as you can. They won’t turn into powder. Panic not. It’ll still taste lovely!

Add your lemon juice and salt to taste. Blend together,


Note: This will be more than you need for your recipe. You can use it to make more hummus next time. It keeps for a good while in the fridge, since it’s just seeds and fermented lemons. It will also look very different to your usual tahini, which resembles an oily, smooth mixture. Don’t worry!

The Hummus

Add all your ingredients to the large bowl of your food processor and blend together.


You may need to remove the lid and scrape the food down the sides to catch it all in the blades a couple of times.

Whatever consistency is good for you, is good enough!

Don’t forget to adjust seasoning (add slowly/don’t add/add later) as suits your own palate.

This is great as a dip or … on biscuits (oat/oat free/bread/ whatever you fancy.)

See you very soon!

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Wendy Tomlinson says

I love Hummus too and I love the colour in your photo. I’m going to try this.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Great news Wendy! I hope you love it. 🙂

Robyn says

I LOVE HUMMUS!! My hubs loves hummus! My kids, eh they’re getting used to hummus! I can’t wait to try this Sarah! I’ve pinned so I have it for next grocery trip!!! YUMMMMMMM!!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Ooh, glad this one’s a winner for you Robyn. 😉

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