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About the Author Sarah Jackson

I love to experiment with food, write poetry, read, walk in nature, take iphone photographs, sing, cycle, watch good movies, documentaries, dramas and comedy.

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Kat says

I love your blog, your Pinterest, and your Instagram! It’s great stuff Sarah Silver! 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Why thank you Kat! That’s so kind of you. Loving writing for you and will be loading loads more content very soon. Keep in touch. 🙂

donna merrill says

Hi Sarah,

I just found you on an interview on Sarah Arrow’s blog. I always wondered what I would look like with silver hair too! After a long time not coloring my hair, I started coloring it again about 10 years ago. It’s short and I like to get crazy with colors. lol

But I always have that nagging feeling in my head of what I would look like with silver hair. Guess it all depends on how it grows in. My grandmother and mom had jet black hair and when it started turning, it was so beautiful. Mom still has her silver hair going on and she looks lovely.

Hmmm…you have given me food for thought (pardon the pun)

I’ll be back because you are a foodie and I love food!


    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi Donna! Great to see you here. Wow. So you’ve probably had at least one shot at ‘pink’ or ‘red’ hair?! 😉 .. Of course, Mrs Arrow is rather a fan of the bold colours too! 🙂

    Well, it sounds as though it may be time to check out the silver too then! It’s trending, don’t you know … And if you’re a cool kid, you’ll want to be ‘where it’s at.’ 😉

    Look forward to chatting more here about hair AND food. Have a great week-end!

Robyn says

Let it go! Let it go! GREY THAT IS!! Love it!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I love the grey supporters! (Mind you, I’m calling it silver Robyn. Makes it sound all glittery and I love sparkles! 😉

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