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My Water Fast


In the thirst for knowledge about natural health (pun intended – pnarf) I had a stab at a water fast late last year.

I managed just two days before giving in at around 2-3 am, scurrying downstairs with a head full of food before sneaking back up with a tummy full of it!

I think we can safely say I didn’t fare too well!

The truth is, two days is still a gift to the body: Stop, Give it a Rest. Breath a little more slowly yourself. I just couldn’t move past 48 hours on that occasion, because I hadn’t wrapped my mind around the idea of not eating ANYTHING and only drinking WATER for several days!

Look at how we treat our bods though.

Eat eat eat. Every time the poor things have digested food we’ve eaten, we give them more to do! It’s a relentless cycle, with no time off for good behaviour. It’s why fasting is so good for us. It rests the body.

Intermittent fasting is known to offer many benefits, but what’s all this about water fasting?

With interest still peaked, I suddenly felt ready to have another run at this one.

It has brought many surprises!

Like to know more?

My Water Fast

Here’s my first update, on Day 11:

And yes, there’s more next week. I’m blown away by the results to date! (Am writing this in retrospect.)

See you then!



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