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My Stylist Told me To Grow Up!

How are you doing today? Did you enjoy sunshine yesterday? It was glorious in Surrey, UK. I just caught the end of it for a lovely walk along the riverbank. 🙂

We’ll be back to the subject of food again on Friday. First though, I know that my day with a stylist has garnered interest on Facebook, so today, here’s the story of what happens when you put your fate in the hands of a professional stylist. Oh My!!!

Judit Arrives, in Pink Ankle Boots …

Sunday morning last week Judit arrived. Looking raaaaaather swishy. Well, you can’t be a stylist and turn up any other way. Can you?!

There I was, glancing down the road as I guided her in, waiting to see what she was wearing, how she styled her hair, her make up.

Was one woman ever so judged?! 😉

And guess what? She looked great! All blonde hair, pinks and grey tones, cheeky pink ankle boots, a ring that picked out every colour she was wearing (I noticed it all. Wink) and the only black – in a long sleeve – NOT near her face. Yup. You guessed it. That was deliberate too.

Ah. I’m in heaven. Someone to guide me to my new colour palate and assist in sweeping brutally through what must be the most cluttered wardrobe in all of Surrey-dom. Mostly, it has be said, full of ‘un-wearables!’

So we have a little ‘hello’ chat and I learn the various component parts to colour styling.  This focuses on Undertone (hue), Depth (Value) and Clarity (Chroma) .. I’ve already forgotten precisely what they mean in detail. It’s all in their book though, which I plan to buy, for an interesting read


I’m Wrapped in A White Bib!

I’m wrapped in a white bib (to prevent distraction from any other colours … not because I’m about to be fed and am terribly messy – ha) and down to work we get.

You think my day started here?! Nay nay! I’m a girl who likes to be organised for every meeting. 😉

The previous week I’d spent a good day or two clearing through every room in our home to find clothes/boots/shoes/scarves/coats/jackets/hats/other accessories and taken the entire shebang to the master bedroom.

There I began the task of segmenting. This is where it became blindingly obvious that most of my life I’ve made a number of gargantuan errors when choosing colours.

Slowly but surely my wardrobe divided itself into two very clear camps of Yes and No. Yes meaning they would most likely stay. No meaning they wouldn’t. And of course, the collection of: ‘So-Hideous-Why-Did-I-Ever-Buy-This’ and ‘I-Was-Going-To-Slim-Into-That-One-But-Never-Did.’

Finally, there were the ‘Maybe’ items. They’re the ones with a shade that truly befuddled me. Warm or Cool? Good or Bad? Who knows?!

What did this mean? Well, almost half my wardrobe hadn’t suited me before. Almost half wouldn’t suit me in future. And the remainder was sitting lost in No-Man’s-Land.

How Are Your Colours Mapped?

The basis of colour grouping – with the Colour Me Beautiful style consultancy – is divided into 6 types.

It used to be seasonal:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

Since those heady early days, colour styling has developed in leaps and bounds. It’s now more complex. First you have a primary category.

Primary Categories are:

  • Light
  • Warm
  • Clear
  • Deep
  • Cool
  • Soft

I’d sussed during my clear out that I was moving from warm to cool.  Having said that, I didn’t know there was more than ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ to consider!

There’s More!

You’re not only popped into a primary category. We’re also the proud owner of two undertone categories. Oh yes. Prepared to be spoiled for choice. 😉

I can’t recall every category of undertone. Mine are ‘soft and cool’ and ‘deep and cool’ ….

So that’s it. I’m allowed NO warmth from now on. The only warmth you’ll be getting from me, my lovely reader, is from straight from me’eart. Not my clothing! 😉

Okay. Hair unkempt, looking a tad ragged after a poor night’s kip, this was us on styling day.

Middle left is my new palette. Middle right an example of ‘warm’ colours that just aren’t ME any longer dahhhhlink!

STYLING DAYMy Stylist Told me to Grow Up!

Taking an All or Nothing approach to this whole subject, we had to do the ‘brutal wardrobe clear out too.’

The following 3 hours (can you even imagine how long this task would have taken had I not done my homework and had everything categorised ready for scrutiny?) I gingerly showed every item in my embarrassing wardrobe to lovely Judit and awaited her response. She was polite. I asked her not to be.




There were a LOT of no’s. About 3 large bin bags full!

They were interspersed with: ‘You can keep that’ from my pile of no’s. (More colour segmenting mistakes from Mrs Me.)

Judit kindly and repeatedly showed me clothing I’d put in the wrong camp and asked me to ‘see’ the coolness of the shade. She reckoned I’d ‘got it’ by the time we were done. (I think. ;-))

The Sad Part

ALL my lace clothing – bar ONE cool, navy blue skirt and one black skirt – had to go. (SOB.)

I LOVE lace.  Have always been attracted to it.

Apparently, it doesn’t love me. (Yes. I am a victim of unrequited love.)

My personality is NOT romantic I am told. (I told you she got brutal!)

The styling is for another day though.

This process can take several slants:

  • Colour Styling
  • Make Up
  • Wardrobe Clear Out
  • Clothes Styling

I went for colour styling, a brief make up chat (not the full advice, as I’m pretty ok on that) .. the clear out and .. left styling for a few weeks time when I’ve settled into the new regime!

Judit has already made decisions on what is deffo NOT going to be in my collection in future! (There was no stopping her once we dug in ..)

“I’d like to see you looking more grown up” she imparts, as I hold up a short elasticated skirt. (Ahhhh. Laughing! I guess at 51 it’s time … 😉

I buy those skirts to wear over leggings with hip length jumpers/tops. With an allergy to wool it’s really hard to source what I’m looking for from Oct-Spring. She promises to source suppliers of longer cotton tops and a host of other cotton items I can never find. I duly throw most of my short skirts away (keeping two back as emergency items until her list arrives. 😉

Precisely 4 1/2 hours after we hugged hello, she tripped back to her car (probably exhausted!) leaving me to pack up my bin bags and decide where to take them.

In the event, after a couple of phone calls last week, I hopped to a local church and gave them all to the vicar.

AT THE CHURCHHere I am with lovely charity worker Gina from Hong Kong who reluctantly took a few items to see her through her holiday here (she travelled light to visit here – said they’d be useful and that she’ll most likely give them to someone else before she leaves) and a lovely helper called Chris.

Chris is a Kingston lad and lives in Church accommodation. He helps out at various church events and has also worked at Epsom race course, repairing/preparing the ground between races, mowing the vast lawns there and trimming/shaping hedges. He’s confidence in all general gardening work and his dream is full-time employment. He’s a lovely, personable, gentle lad. If you know anyone who could offer him employment based anywhere within reasonable public transport distance of Kingston, Surrey please do drop me a line. I would love to be the bearer of good news! (He doesn’t know I’m writing this. :-))

Gina’s dream is to work in the UK full-time. She has a degree in business studies and applied for 100’s of jobs before leaving to return to Hong Kong, after receiving her degree in the UK. Please let me know if you know anyone who can employ someone who would be the most appreciative and hard working member of staff. She’s in the UK for 5 weeks, staying with friends and I know she would happily hop for an interview if there’s one up for grabs!

Have a SUPERB day!

Oh! Fancy seeing Judit? Here’s her website:

What are you going to clear out before summer?! 🙂

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kimberly says

Sounds like you had fun amidst the brutality! 🙂 But don’t grow up in spirit. I love how you are so young at heart… we all need to learn to be more like that. 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Have to admit Kimberly that I don’t really want to grow up too much. 😉

Robyn says

Reckon she’d cross the big lake?! LOL! Everything sounded like you had a lovely time and I am loving your new cut and look!! ♥R

    Sarah Jackson says

    Yes! Shame she isn’t in both countries at once Robyn. She’s ever so good! Thanks for the Yes vote. 😉 x

Sherry says

really enjoyed reading this post Sarah. I can really see how your new colour palette works for you.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Sherry. I’ll be doing my best not to break the rules. (No, really. 😉

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