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My Hair Turned Silver Overnight

I guess it’s time to update you about my hair transition! (If you haven’t caught up on it completely, you’ll see ‘My Transition To Silver’ listed in the Category column on the right hand side of the screen.)

And yes, if you saw Sunday’s post, I let the cat out of the bag a day early. Well, let’s just say I don’t plan my photo selfies in advance. 😉

Going Back in Time …

Late January, I made the decision to cut my hair short.  Ben the Badger and I just weren’t going to get along long-term and I knew the decision was going to be drastic.

It was a HUGE decision to cut my long hair to the floor. It felt that way at the time, anyway.  Oddly, I’ve not missed it all. I’ve enjoyed having short hair. And even if I hadn’t, hair grows. (I realise that this is not how everyone feels. There is much emotion connected with hair – which I’ll document at a later date. It’s a very interesting subject. For me though … I just wanted the job done!)

I DID try to grab my phantom ponytail for around 3 weeks after the ‘Super Snip’ Event. That was kind of weird!

Picture the scene: Pull a jumper over your head, reach for the ponytail, to drag it out of the jumper and … Whoa! It’s not there!

Whilst sitting at my desk working, I would often pull my hair up then too. I found myself going to tighten the tail, thinking it had become loose. And … Whoa! … There was just short hair in its place.

I did a lot of silent ‘whoas’ those first few days, with flappy hands doing nothing at the back of my head.

Getting used to short hair was generally pretty easy though and after a couple of weeks I was finding it rather long on top (ironic).

The need for spikey’ish hair was creating a bit of a Teddy Boy effect (I hadn’t quite been able to get my head around the idea of having short ‘flat’ hair!) so off I trotted to my Italian stylist for a second, shorter cut. He was cautious, thinking that I may not be able to handle it. Moi?

I had to actively encourage him to be brutal with the scissors. Bless!

Not so bad second time around; just 1 1/2 inches shorter. An easy few weeks followed.

Another Hurdle to Jump

The silver feature started to dominate until two weeks ago when my hair began to resemble – in my husband’s own sweet words – a flame. (It was raaather sticky-uppy, to be fair. 😉

So, two weeks ago today, mooching about the kitchen while Himself had his early brekkers before clearing off to leave the place all peaceful (well, just me and my many selves .. I like to chat while I work .. haha) I made the decision to get the colour cut out.

There was a reason fuelling the urgency ….

She’s WHAT??!!!

The colour/fashion stylist I had set my heart on let me know that she will be away the whole of April. My planned ‘hair cut to silver’ was going to be too late for me to see her before her departure. Immediate change of plan. Haircut brought forward by almost a fortnight.

I’ve worn warm colours most of my life and I figured I’d be needing to ditch a good few of my favourite items and, possibly, much of my wardrobe. I needed this woman in my life for an afternoon.

Now you may be thinking ‘ExCUSE me?! She’s worrying about her clothes colour palate?! HOW vain?!”

Well, in answer to that valid platitude, I defend by saying this:

Madam, Sire, I have ditched my vanity to within an inch of my scalp. If I’m going to change from long dark hair to a pixie cut in silver in less than 16 weeks, I need NOT to feel old, or waltz out of the house looking like the bin bag we forgot to put out last week for the Council.

Honestly? My GO TO brown specs looked great Tuesday morning and hideous Tue evening. I can’t wear them anymore. Luckily, all my specs are old. I’ve been waiting till I’m ‘done’ before choosing new frames.

For that little dose of confidence in ‘the new me’ I needed some advice to re-jig my wardrobe/colours and help me to feel a ‘new kind of normal.’ 🙂 (As hubby would say “Well, as normal as you’re ever going to be, anyway.” Arf.)

It’s Just Me and You Now Kid

Back at the salon ….

I arrive and confidently announce “It’s time! We’re getting rid of ALL the colour!”

“But Sarahhhh! That’s a’gonna be reeeallly short!” my stylist appealed. (Okay, he didn’t say ‘a’gonna’ … He’s Italian, with a really strong accent .. I’m just trying to recreate it in print. Not easy. ;-))

“It’s coming off!” I smiled.

Hair washed, we resumed our usual places. Me – smiling in the chair. Him, scissors at the ready.

A timid snip or three and I was seeing lots of hair still dusting the nape of my neck.

“Claudio! It’s still long!”

“But Sarrrrrahhhhh! It’s a’gonna be THIS shorrrrrt! (He holds up to fingers and makes a teeny weeny space between them, distress etched on his face!)

“That’s okay. We’re GOING for it!” I insisted.

Reluctantly, he lobbed off a large slice of hair. “There’s no going back now!” he laughed.

And that was it.

Here’s the before and after that day. As you can see, I was developing rather a ‘lioness’ look!

My Hair Turned Silver Overnight!!!!



I have to hand it my brilliant hairdresser. We’ve known each other for 23 years and get on so well.  He knows how to take care of his clients and has been a total superstar from start to finish.

I’m still getting used to the boyish feel of such short hair and unbelievably, there is STILL a little dark on some of the ends.  Nothing another few weeks won’t sort. It’s actually much lighter than shows in the photos above.  The final look will be lighter still.

Truth? I’m wondering why all the fuss about ditching the dye. The angst of those first 7 weeks as Ben the Badger crawled across my crown. The concern that I’d look in the mirror and see a much older person.

I like the colours I’ve been given naturally. There are some cool browns, dark and pale silvers .. and a good dash of white. And yesterday, as we sat at the river watching the entire world go by (wasn’t it a stunning day?!) two women I talked with during the afternoon both urged me not to grow my hair. One was a hairdresser herself and kindly said she’d already noted my hair and it’s great style before we started chatting.

Aside from the votes of confidence, it’s simply a huge send of relief at not having to colour again. To know that I no longer feel tied to a routine of touching up the roots every 3 weeks and enduring the tingling sensation as the various components of dye enjoy their chemical reactions on my scalp!

I’m walking about with a big grin on my face, thinking ‘Thank goodness I embraced the real me.” It does feel really good not to do what society expects and just be myself.

And it’s prompted a MAJOR cleanse:

  • House – Sweep Out
  • Clothes – Sweep Out
  • Toxic Make- up – To Be Replaced
  • Toxic Skin Care Products – To Be Replaced (I’ve been working for months on this & will share my preferred products with you when I’m fully ready)
  • Toxic Home Products – To Be Replaced


Talk about a spring clean. I’m wondering if there will much left of anything here by summer. 😉

Inspired to try any of the above yet?

Catch you soon!

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Katie says

Hi, I love your super-short haircut! So lovely! I am 8 months into growing out my gray hair and am keeping it long, but you REALLY rock your short silver hair. So glad I found your blog – I will check out the rest of it now!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hey Katie, thank you! Apologies for the long delay in replying. I neglected my blog somewhat last year. Catching up now and would like to invite you to check out my Facebook timeline. I’m there every day and have 100’s of silver haired friends following my livestreams. Come join me on my personal timeline. Just send a friend request. x

Anneliese says

I just found your blog through a Google searach on going gray, and I have to say that your short short haircut looks awesome on you! I actually like the really short cut on you better than the first short cut. You still look pretty and feminine, but you also look edgy and current. I would totally do this if I knew I would look good. Alas, I have the feeling that I’ll look like a pudgy boy if I go with the pixie.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Annaliese. Many people worry about going short and also ditching the dye. All I can say is that it’s impossible to tell how it will look until you try. I used a phone App to try on short wigs and figured it was worth the gamble. Look in the App store on your phone and maybe do the same?

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