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My 21 Day Water Fast

Hey You!

The last few weeks threw up a couple of curved balls: firstly an emergency that took me away from home for a few days; I then fell head first down 11 stairs at home. More of that in a future post.

So I’m now playing catch up ..

There was a surprising interest in my water fast. At first I was unsure whether or not to share my experiment. It’s not something I am recommending you do yourself. I knew my body was in a good enough place to withstand the stresses of a water-only fast and had various blood tests taken and checked by my GP during the fast, to ensure a number of vital functions were working correctly.

It is important to never embark on a water only fast such as this without medical supervision.

Onto the next installment …

My 21 Day Water Fast

Day 19

If you’d like to watch the series, key updates will feature on my new YouTube channel, as soon as I’ve uploaded a collection of videos currently stored on my computer. You have the link to the channel with the video above. Please feel welcome to subscribe. After the flurry of uploads I’m due to make soon, you will be notified of just 1 video at a time.

Have a fab day!

Day 16 of My Water Fast


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