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Milk Kefir – What’s Stopping You From Making It?

Wow! I can’t believe it’s time to round up another week already!

So here it is.  Your weekly reference to all the posts in the second part of our Kefir series. 🙂


Kevin Loses His Whey

Ah.  This was the sad tale of the kefir grain, Kevin, who gets stuck in a horrible accident! Read this story to find out what happened to him in the end.


Sharing A Reader’s Milk Kefir Success!

Nicki Williams, The Fermented Foody’s newly guest nutritionist, shared the photo of her first kefir with us.  That was exciting! Check this post to see the unusual colour it turned out.  (There’s a good reason for it and it was deeeelicious!)


You Saw it Here First – Video Footage of Friendly Bacteria Eating Human Pathogens

If you like to see detail, watch these two short videos to see friendly bacteria properly gobbling up pathogens.  It could be happening to YOU if you start taking kefir.  Woah! Think of all those bad guys you could be killing off.  Like a proper cops and robbers chase!


Cream Cheese Anyone? Kefir Cream Cheese

I wanted to show you how easy it is to make cheese.  ANYONE can make this.  You just need to make the kefir milk first and this will take you literally 30 seconds!


Milk Kefir – Let’s Do Flavours!

Want to fancy your kefir milk up? No problemo! This cheeky little post shows you how to change the flavour with literally a slice of fruit.  Simple? Oh, I think so. 😉


Coconut Cream – What To Do When It Turns Solid!

Oh deary deary.  Yes.  I had another accident! But it turned out ok again! You see, kefir is very very hardy.  And this post shows you how.


Orange Ice-Cream Recipe

I couldn’t wait to share this recipe with you.  A national newspaper covered an article today that discussed probiotic choc ices and the benefits they had over traditional ice-creams.  (Well, we know that already. 😉

My dad wrote to me today to say the orange ice-cream looked so yummy that it’s a shame I couldn’t send him some in the post! (Miss you Pops.  Will make it for you next time you visit. x)


We’ve covered some serious ground during the past couple of weeks.  Actually, I snuck a couple of extra days in.  We’re on day 17 already! And STILL on kefir.  (We will move on .. but I’ve a little more to cover first. I don’t want to leave you short!)


I’m giving you all the good stuff here.  Don’t tell me you haven’t made any yet? 😉

NASA research has shown that you can change your health habits in just 30 days.

I took on a health challenge and changed a life-time habit in that very time!


Check this out if you’re needing some motivation:


What’s stopping you making milk kefir??

milk kefir





















Do you have a question? Is something holding you back?

Let me know! (Or post a photo of your first milk kefir. 😉

If you like this post, please pin it to your health pin board!

Catch you soon.  And have a wicked evening.

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