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Making Miso

Little Tale of A Tub of Miso

(Prepare Yourself – It includes a Death, Determination, A Survival and ultimately, Love)

It’s Emotional. You ready?

Bringing Miso Home

I had an interesting experience recently when I was gifted a huge tub of miso, which moulded overnight on it’s first evening Chez Nous – as it was housed in plastic and our house was hot. (Sad face.)


In response, I scraped off the mould – a good couple of inches deep in the large tub. You can’t be squeamish with fermenting and vegetable mould isn’t dangerous. (No known cases worldwide of anyone ever being harmed by vegetable mould.)

I threw the mouldy miso away, re-housed the remaining good stuff in two glass jars. And waited. (Polite tears shed for the miso on it’s way to vegetable heaven.)

The Truth

The content of both jars, to be honest, smelt foul, but I knew better than to give up on them. And I’d only just invited them in, so couldn’t possibly mention the issue of halitosis.  Not polite.


Moving Them To An Out-House (Cruelty Without Reason? Nay Sir. Read on …)

After a week in the house, I took them to a cooler room (60-65 degrees, unlike our home, which was over 70) and left them there for a couple more weeks, maybe 3. I can’t recall now. Nothing much happened, but they still smelt dreadful.

Were they lonely? Did they feel neglected. Confused? Need a little more love?

Welcoming Home My Babies (I missssseed youuuuuu!)

Determined not to lose out on this home-made gift .. I brought the jars back into the house and left them in the kitchen (a little cooler than our utility, where the boiler lives, but still – pretty warm) and there they sat – on the worktop – for another couple of weeks.


After about 6 weeks of NO refrigeration (this was supposed to be a 2 week fermentation process and ready to eat) I threw the contents of one jar out because the smell was still so bad and it was obvious that the colour of the food had gone a little grey and mushy throughout. Eww! (No, seriously, this one was NOT edible!) (This was my own fault – smack – for taking no notice of the jars, nestling by the food processor.)

The other jar was struggling with the same problem in the top half, so with a heavy heart, it was ‘destination bin,’ but … I salvaged the rest (by now around a sixth of the volume I’d started with!) popped it in a new jar and slipped it quietly into the fridge.

Oh Yayyy ..

I believe it was so grateful to survive that it served up rather well. In fact sooooo well that I was dipping raw veg into it day after day like a miso demon and it’s now all gawn, before I remembered to take a photo!

The Moral Of This Story

In the words of George Benson: “Never Give Up On A Good Thing!” 😉

Talking of Good Things ..

On Sunday Mr Him and I popped to Brooklands Museum (a short, leafy bike ride from us – motorbike, not cycle 😉 so pillion I travelled … all the way to their 100 year celebration of WWI.

Lots of fabulous old vehicles were on display and driving around.  Great atmosphere.

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Soon soon …

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