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Making Food Changes

Making Food Changes

Let’s not kid ourselves. Removing food that we love from our regular eating plan isn’t easy.  If you cut out everything overnight that you felt you weren’t doing right, it would no doubt feel like toxic shock!

The bottom line is, if you’re looking to make lifelong modifications to your eating habits, there’s no benefit in being too hard on yourself.  It’s a work in progress and should be allowed a few tea breaks. 😉

Making Food Changes

If you’ve jumped on the ‘change train’ you’re already a bit of a superstar for making that decision. Not everyone will be doing the same, so pat yourself on the back and understand their will be natural relapses.

You don’t need to wait until next Monday. Or even tomorrow. Simply start where you hopped off the train and continue on your journey.

It’s not unusual to only address the matter  of ‘ we are what we eat’ when we’re faced with a ‘no choice’ health situation.

Changing one small habit each month is great.  Even if it takes a year to knock one bad habit on the head, you’re still doing better than if you make no changes at all.

So dig in …

  • Start checking labels. If you don’t understand the ingredients, don’t buy the product.
  • Look at what you are putting in your tummy!
  • Change ONE food or favourite sugary drink today and when you’ve conquered that one, try another.

You CAN do it!

Your body will thank you. 🙂


Giving Up Food You Love

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