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Kitchen Drama

Oh Myyyyy.

You know when you wake up one day and you realise you simply cannot continue working the way you have done for years?

  • Maybe you would leave your job. Just like that? (It’s not unheard of.)
  • Perhaps you would start looking for a new job before discreetly handing in your notice.
  • Or .. you could just hack part of your kitchen to pieces with a jacksaw?!

I’m sure you already have a hunch which one I opted for.

Here’s what happened the day I woke up and realised … ‘there MUST be change!!’

Kitchen Drama

(58 seconds of madness that changed 1 room! … Well okay, it took 2 hours and Vince said it was the most complex job he’d ever seen in the history of his work. He he. Extra bolts and screws everywhere. That baby did NOT want to leave home!)

And so a new era dawns ..

I can now cook on camera without being a ‘headless chef.’ Whoopeeee!

Keep an eye out for more interesting/useful/or … umm … more chaotic kitchen shenanigans in future my friend; because you know at least the latter is going to happen at some point! 😉

Till next week,

Kitchen Drama

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