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making a smoothie with almond milk

Kefir Smoothie with Almond Milk

Hey You!

I had to get up this morning to check through last night’s post.  Boy was I wiped last night.  Found soooo many typos first thing today! AND I’d checked, re-checked it, done the grammar/spell check before beddy-byes’n’all (Not that this helps me much, because I break most of the rules anyway. 😉

So then I skipped down the stairs to make a kefir smoothie with some almond kefir milk I made the other day.

I left it out for 3 days, but it was fine.  Didn’t seem to be doing much till then, to be honest.  I reckon 2-3 days will be about right, temperature depending.

I made it like I make coconut kefir.  I don’t use canned milk myself, but I’ll write a post about how to make coconut milk from scratch very soon.

I didn’t make this milk from scratch.  Or buy it in a can.  (Not heard of almond milk in a can, but who knows what’s sold in other parts of this big and wonderful world?!)  I bought mine in a carton from a health shop.

Kefir Smoothie with Almond Milk

Gather Your Goodies

For Your Milk

Carton of Almond Milk

Starter Culture Powder

For Your Smoothie


Flesh from half an orange

Juice from same half of orange!

1/4 teaspoon Orange Extract (bought or home-made – I’ll add this recipe soon)

1/4 Teaspoon of Fermented Orange Zest (Ya seeee! Yesterday I advised to make a batch of it and have it to hand? Ta da! You can also add it to the chocolate orange sweets – link for those is on the next line.)

1 Fresh Date (Use the rest of the pack to make raw orange chocolate sweets!)

It’s Action Time

Almond Milk Kefir

You’re going to make the milk 2-3 days ahead of your smoothie!

Check the culture starter you’ve bought for instructions, but I use 1 pint of milk to half a packet with mine.

When the milk has thickened and tastes tart (do check it) you’re ready to go!


Cut your orange in half, cover the un-used half and pop it back from whence it came.  Never waste good food! 😉

Here’s the easiest way to segment an orange.  Just like you would a grapefruit.  (It’s not the way I did it. Haha. You can see from the photo!)

Take the stone out of your date! (PLEASE don’t forget to do this or the smoothie will be become an Almond Milk Stone Kefir Smoothie. 😉

Okay, now pour your milk into a blender.

Add the rest of your ingredients.





Ooh, Really?!

Someone asked me the other day what I mean by 1 Cup.  I have read about food on so many U.S. sites over the years that I started measuring in cups and find it MUCH easier than weighing food/drink.  High speed blenders tend to have both cup and ml measurement lines all the way up too.

If you have a set of cups (you can buy them in the UK in most kitchen departments/shops now) you will find life becomes a whole lot easier than working out fluid ounces, which are less forgiving and don’t allow for adding small volumes as accurately.

My advice today? Find LOVE for CUPS! (They literally cost less than a fiver for a set. Plastic is best for ferments.)

 So it just remains for me to share an embarrassing video with you.

I woke this morning, bumbled about in the kitchen, wanting to make something with my almond kefir, but hadn’t planned anything.  I don’t buy much fruit at the moment and am juicing this week (mostly veg) so I dug out some oranges and literally made something out of what I could find as I rooted about.  Always the best way really, because it means less waste.

I also seem to be going through an ‘orange’ phase! I doooo love the flavour of orange in food and I know I’ll never grow out of that, but I do promise to bring you other flavours ever so soon.

So … the video.

I taught myself how to use iMovie at the start of this year.  Chuffed? For a non-techy, oh yes! Then I didn’t use it for a few months (after a long play around with it and a good few movies) .. and on returning ..?.. Guess what?

You got it! Apple had changed the iMovie interface and my little brain couldn’t work it out.  Dang!

So I grumped about it for ages to anyone who would listen, then today, having heard about a nifty little iMovie App and a tutorial App, I lazed on the sofa in my office (in pj’s actually. Yup. That’s how I work sometimes. Well, no-one can see me, so hey jolly ho!) and I pushed this little honey onto YouTube a couple of hours later.

It’s a start.  Anyway. 😉

Don’t get excited.  There’s actually NO point to this video.  It’s just me, messing about.  And singing.  Badly.  But I just wanted to share this, because if you need to make movies too? It’s really quick to learn.

Catch you tomorrow! (I know, it’s relentless. I’ll give you a day off sometime, but The Arrow’s are whipping my butt at the moment and there’s no peace when you’re learning with those guys!

(They don’t pay me to tell you about them.  I just think they deserve a bit of free PR.  They really know their ‘stuff.’)

(Watch out for Kev though. I talked about him yesterday. 😉

Happy Evening.

What are you going to ferment first? (Don’t tell me it’s your partner. Haha)

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Rebecca Jones - Red Shoe Biz Woman says

MM, like the idea of this but as I travel a lot not sure if I would be organised enough are there any short cuts to fermenting?

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi Rebecca

    Sure there is! The beauty of fermented foods is that they keep for days/weeks/months, depending on the ferment. So if you are due to travel and know your diary, you just make food in your spare time at home, refrigerate or freeze it and then grab what you need whenever you’re travelling – apart from flying, naturally. 😉

    I call myself ‘Cool bag Woman’ because I’m always putting together food and throwing food and drink in a cool bag to take out or on the road with me.

    The other advantage of fermented food is that if you’re away overnight and your cool bag runs out of ‘cool’ (!) most ferments will be fine for a few hours longer, or even a day. They will start to ferment more quickly again (heat increases fermentation – room temperature being very different to a fridge) but so long as you’re not leaving it out for many days, you should be fine.

    Milk needs to be kept cool most of the time, as second fermenting it (leaving it out after original fermentation) isn’t such a long process and it will separate more quickly. Perhaps a green smoothie (there’s a recipe on the site) using avocado, rather than milk, would be best for travelling, till you feel more comfortable with it all.

    There are also electric cool boxes you can buy. I have quite a collection! All sizes of the usual type – where you just put freezer packs in the bottom – and also an electric powered one. They can run off a car cigarette lighter charger and come with an adapter. You can also buy adaptors for the cigarette charger slot that allows two chargers, so you can power both your cool box AND your sat nav at the same time.

    Haha. Predictive text just changed sat nav to sat nag! 😉

    With food changes … Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

    Oh! Finally, the freezing of food? The ‘chocolate orange sweets’ recipe can be frozen. They last so long in there that I’ve never had them not be great from the freezer before they’re eaten. And no, freezing doesn’t kill friendly bacteria. They warm up once they’ve been eaten and are inside you or at room temperature!

    Heating fermented food kills the friendly bacteria, but even if you heat it, it’s still been pre-digested, so it’s still kinder to the body.

    I hope this helps.

Sam Pilling says

All I can say, Vera, is – I LOVE this video and I’m delighted you’re as crazy on video as you are in text. Love it.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hey Sam. Thank you! I can’t believe I’m saying thanks for calling me crazy. 😉 … My nephews nick-named me Mad Aunty Sarah years ago (or maybe that was my brother!) (I’m sacking Vera. 😉

Sarah Arrow says

Love the singing! The smoothie doesn’t look… smooth. Is it lumpy or with bits in it?

    Sarah Jackson says

    Think that was just my photography Sarah! I have a new pop up photography box, but the lighting isn’t right yet.

    It was smooth as a baby’s bottom. 😉 .. Kefir does have lumps naturally, but they are soft and delicious. However, as soon as it goes in a blender, they’re gone.

    Glad you like my morning screeching. Haha.

lottiewishnetwork says

Love your posts and your recipes Sarah! The video is great – I hope you’ll do more in future posts, it really brings them to life 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Lottie, that’s so great! I put off making videos because of the problem with editing. I have a wonderful editor, but it’s the faff of sending them off and sending instructions. So much quicker to do simple ones myself. Can now. Ta da!

    Will start injecting a few more for sure.

    Thank you for your feed-back. It’s all very new, so I’m not sure what my readers will enjoy till I try stuff out. 🙂

Robyn says

Sarah, your videos are CUTE, FUN, and WELL DONE! Even if you say you were messing about!! HUGS

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks so much Robyn. Bless you! Appreciate your support. And hope you’re making kefir soon. 😉

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