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Is Fermented Food Rotting Food?

A lot of people ask me if fermented food is rotting food. Haha.  Someone said to me today: “Sarah, couldn’t you call it something other than ‘pre-digested food’? It really doesn’t sound too good.”

On Monday, our broadband provider decided to cut our postcode off from the internet from the start of the day until mid afternoon.  No warning.  Just a pre-recorded message … when the penny dropped that it wasn’t our own connection at fault and I called them.

“In the interests of giving you the best service, we are doing maintenance work.  You should have broadband service again by around 3pm.”

Rather than get cross, I dug into fermented matters and produced this table of food. Yayy!

Just Radio 2, me and a room full of ingredients. Woo hoo! (I forget ‘time’ when I’m in my kitchen ‘creating.’ 🙂


(Flapjacks and Sweet’n’Sour sauce have links to the recipe pages)

Is Fermented Food Rotting Food?

The Table of Spoils ..

  • Flapjacks
  • Dry Pan Roasted Seeds (sesame and pumpkin – in the pot with the white lid – always handy)
  • Unleavenedchickpea bread in 3 flavours: (A staple for the freezer)
    • Rosemary and capers
    • Onion and garlic
    • Sun-dried Tomato and Black Olives
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Chocolate Mousse – (To be a fermented next time!)
  • Almond, Apple and Cinnamon Bread (Unsweetened and ready to spread with goat’s butter or a yummy cream cheese – I used an orange kefir cheese last night for hubby!)
  • Sweet and Sour Sauce 
  • Pickled Onions
  • Pickled Cucumbers
  • Hazelnut Kefir
  • Cashew Kefir
  • Rosemary Powder (From my parents’ garden – now dried and ready to add to recipes!)
  • Pickled Eggs
  • Cashew Yoghurt
  • Hazelnut Yoghurt

Does that little lot sound like rotting food? Nayyyy!

If I tell you that every item high-lighted in orange is ‘pre-digested’ .. do they still look inviting? Wink.

I know.  I have to tell this story with pictures.  I ‘get it.’  Western culture isn’t brought up on a diet of fermented food. We’re not familiar with it, so it’s perfectly normal to think that it sounds a bit weirdy bum. 😉

Anyway, THIS is the just the beginning of what you can do with ‘fermented food.’

Trust me .. it can be SO delicious!

Gotta dash.  Busy day ahead tomorrow.

Just wanted to share this with you.

Do you like it??! 😉

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katrina says

I want to eat it all. Soooo looking forward to the recipes! That almond, apple & cinnamon bread sounds amazing. And gorgeous picture, too, by the way!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Katrina. It was a really fun day. Hubby gave me good marks out of 10 for the bread!

    Today I tested my sauerkraut and pickles out on a some biz buddies who aren’t my typical reader. I was totally surprised when they loved them! It gave me the impetus to ask what they thought of my cashew yoghurt. I added in a little sweetener and they all loved it. Woo hoo!

    Other ferments not ready yet, but dead happy about the yoghurt! Will be sharing them as soon as I can. 🙂

Jenny Andersson says

I can’t wait for the recipe for UnleavenedChickpeaBrad 3 ways. They look delicious!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Jenny. I’ll get them up before Christmas for you!

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