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Ice Cream Toppings

Do you remember last week’s banana sorbet?

You can use any fruit you fancy to make these ridiculously simple ice-creams/sorbets.

Add nuts or dates into the body of the ice-cream if you that tickles your fancy. 😉

Frozen banana is creamy and sweet. The texture of frozen mango is similar to a sorbet.

I prefer to keep the ice-cream/sorbet plain and creamy and have some fun with toppings. Use your imagination to create any number of delicious combinations!

Here are a few ideas:

Ice Cream Toppings

Clockwise from Midday:

  • Take some rice syrup and mix in cinnamon to taste. Drizzle that over your dessert to add a sticky/sweet addition to the creamy texture, without adding a refined sugar or E colourings and goo!
  • Raw Chocolate Nibs (I’m going to be honest and say they’re a little hard on the teeth and bitter for me, but I know people who can eat them straight out of the bag, so I’ve included them here for you, in case you’re a toughie! 😉 ….)
  • Raw, Unsweetened Goji Berries
  • Raw Almond Flakes (naturally sweet) *lay them under a grill or dry pan roast them in a pan on your hob for a lovely toasty flavour
  • Dried Coconut Flakes (I love the crunch of the flakes; you could also use coconut snow or, as it’s also known, dessicated coconut – again, grilled or pan roasted adds another layer of taste)
  • Mixed Nuts and Seeds (A wonderful topping, for a hearty, toffee’ish, toasty crunch!)

With regards to gut health, this simple dessert beats eating dairy ice-cream (that’s been made from factory farmed milk) any day of the week!

See you soon …

Ice Cream Toppings







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Sherry says

These all look absolutely gorgeous! Do you do all the photography yourself?

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Sherry! I do all the photography, yes. Am playing with ideas these days. Not trained, so I just have to use my own creative eye. 🙂

Robyn says

Um, I’ve never considered honey and cinnamon together! What a clever mixture! Love it!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I picked up on this when at a spa many years ago Robyn. There was no recipe. I use it with Rice Syrup now. You could add it to any sticky sweetener of that nature and include the volume of cinnamon that suits your palate. It’s such a great mix.

Corinne Rodrigues says

Fantastic ideas and photographs, Sarah. With summer approaching, I’ll make sure I try out some of your suggested toppings!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Corinne! I hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Jessica says

So delicious!! Love all your ideas.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Jessica!

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