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I Need Help To Change My Eating Habits

Earlier this year one of my readers, Becky Melton, wrote to me and asked me to help her with her eating habits.

I Need Help To Change My Eating Habits

She had spent a lifetime consuming food from cans and packets, including deep fried foods, crazy volumes of sugar; plus, she was a fan of a certain fizzy drink company and hardly touched real, fresh food.

Becky has also had spinal surgery, experiences difficulty when moving about and is registered as disabled. She is young and was seeking help to change the balance.

What a great first step!

How We Have Worked Together

With Becky, the work began with an online meeting that gave me an insight into her eating habits and lifestyle/history.

That first meeting was 4 hours long. Why? Because we had a lot to cover and I wasn’t about to rush my understanding of what Becky needed from me. This was about tailoring everything to suit her needs.

We looked at many aspects of her life to determine why she was stuck in a food/health rut.

We have had weekly online meetings since, during which we work through any hurdles.

There is also weekly homework, so progress is regularly achieved.

I’ve been mightily impressed with her commitment to embracing new types of food and food preparation.

Her classic line (oh how we laughed!) was her summary, after our initial chat:

“At least I don’t like sugar.”

That was shortly before my calculations that her intake reached in excess of 100 teaspoons a day.

(It’s a funny thing how sugar just creeps on in, ya know? Wink.)

  • Has she experienced cravings? Oh yes!
  • Has she stuck to her plan? Yes Ma’am!

Just by cleaning up the way she eats (no weighing, no calorie counting) Becky has lost 3/4 stone in 5 weeks. And we’re not done yet.

The Benefits So Far

  • Less bloating
  • A flatter tummy
  • More energy
  • More mobile

Becky is also now able to exercise gently on a trainer for up to 20 minutes each day! This is a HUGE improvement to virtually no movement at all.

What a difference choosing quality food and drink can make in such a short time!

Becky’s Feedback

Here’s what Becky said in a video (which was filmed in portrait in error, so I’m unable to include it here until a tech team help me to export it out of their programme with sound).

“Sarah is teaching me to eat more healthily.

She’s taken me off cans of coke. I haven’t had a can since 6 weeks.

I was drinking 9 a day. I thought she was going to die when I told her that!

She took me took me off cokes and got me drinking water. I thought I would never do that, but I’m doing okay!

She’s added more veggies to my diet, less sugar and is teaching me to look at the ingredients before I buy. The rule is, if I don’t understand an ingredient, don’t buy it.

Sarah has really helped me out. She’s fun to work with and full of knowledge, so if you’re looking for someone to help you, I can highly recommend her.”

Are You Looking to Change Any of Your Food Habits?

  • Are you in a place where you don’t know how to start making changes?
  • Would you benefit from someone helping you break poor eating/drinking habits?
  • Do you need someone who can help you to identify your triggers and navigate them?
  • How would it feel to have a motivator and outside conscience? Someone who can keep you focused and on track?

Your Personalised One-To-One Programme With Me

  • A sweep through your kitchen cupboards and fridge (online).
  • Advice about how to read food labels.
  • Guidance on how to prepare and eat the right kinds of food in a way that benefits your health and digestive system.

The Most Important Factor in Making Change ..

Is your desire.

If you’re ready to do this, I’m ready to help you!

It won’t work if you’re not ready. You have to really WANT to move forward.

How Does It Work?

  • We meet online once a week for 6 weeks.
  • There is no pressure on you. We will work together to help you achieve your ‘change’ goals at a manageable pace.
  • I’m on your side and will be there for you when you need to message me if you have a crisis/craving day!
  • If you fall off the path, I will guide you back to it gently.
  • My job is to help you feel GREAT about how much you’ve achieved each week AND
  • To fire you up to want to achieve more!
  • We can work together after the 6 weeks, if you need more support.

If this post has struck a chord with you and you’re interested in working direct with me – to find your focus and change habits for the positive – please drop me a line at [email protected]

We can connect via Face-Time, Skype, Periscope or the plain old phone.  Distance is no problem, so long as we can find a way to successfully connect.

I’d be so happy to help you. 🙂

See you tomorrow!

I Need Help To Change My Eating Habits



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