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How To Stock Your Fridge With Healthy Food

I often receive emails and messages from readers asking me how to begin stocking their fridge with better quality food.

This is a typical fridge full of food in our home. It’s a healthy way to start your week.

  • A mixture of proteins, carbs, fruit, fat, fibre, natural probiotics
  • All fresh
  • All ready to be turned into super simple recipes

There’s no need for junk when quality produce is easy to buy. (If it’s not so easy for you, hang in there till next Wednesday and I’ll give you some ideas that come to mind.)

How To Stock Your Fridge With Healthy Food

wednesday wisdom - how to stock your fridge with healthy food

If you’re vegan, there will be replacement foods I haven’t listed here. I personally don’t use cow’s milk in any of my food preparation. My husband drinks it and uses it in tea. I use goat and sheep products for everything else.

  • Blueberries (fermented) (For a super quick coulis, pulse a few in a mini blender – Add a little rice syrup or honey if you need sweetener. Or preferably a wholefood such as chunk of sweeter fruit or a Medjool date)
  • Cow’s Kefir (for my husband – his fave)



  • Home-made Cashew/ Coconut and Almond milk (these are the milks I use all the time – either fresh or fermented into kefir milk)

  • Pickled Cucumbers (Pickles, Wallies, Gherkins – whatever you like to call them – no vinegar used in the making of these)
  • Fermented Cranberries (I ferment them before Christmas and they’re still rocking away in the fridge late summer the following year – I eat them before I find out their end date)
  • Goat and Sheep Cheese
  • Italian Pizza Toppings (Sundried Tomatoes, Olives, Capers)
  • Fresh Vegetables (Choose dark leafy greens and lots of colour – carrots, butternut squash, avocadoes – which only go in the fridge with a cover if they’re half eaten – fresh sweetcorn, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, lettuce aubergines (eggplant), bell peppers, herbs, ginger etc. A rainbow diet is so good for us!) .. This means I can make green smoothies/juices and also have plenty of veg to cook with as well. Vegetables are King!
  • Fresh Fruit – 2-3 pieces a day is great, but not to excess. Keep in mind that while we need the nutrients from a variety of fruits, it’s also feeding us fructose, which we need to limit. 
  • Goat’s Butter
  • Goat’s Yoghurt
  • Eggs
  • Fresh Fish
  • Fresh Meat (Organic or Free Range only, purchased from local butcher, who knows the provenance)

I hope this helps you to start choosing food that makes a healthy body. 🙂

See you Friday for my fitness update. Oo-er!

How To Fill a Fridge with healthy food



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Robyn says

I’ve just recently started changing what I place in my fridge so this is a great post to be reading at this time. I’ve always heard the more color you eat, the better off you are. Guess that’s about all the veggies and fruits huh? Thanks Sarah!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Spot on Robyn.:-)

Sandy Mangis says

I always love ideas for things to eat. I grew up on the farm and we ate what we grew. Mostly meat and potatoes, with the veges from the garden. Since i have been married it hasn’t been so easy. The store just isn’t the same as the garden.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Sounds wonderful Sandy!! We had a vegetable patch in our garden, but didn’t rely totally on our own produce by any means. It was an addition. I’ve love to be able to pick our own at home. Not practical though. It definitely tastes better from the garden! From an organic farm (delivered to the door) is a great second best. Not cheap though.

Trish says

Great informative post! I would love to learn how to ferment blueberries and cranberries! Sounds delish!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Let me know if you like them Trish. 🙂

Paola says

This is a great post, I find it awesome that you’ve inserted some videos on it to help with the fluidity of reading!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Ah, thanks Paola. That only started happening when I’d created a YouTube channel. I realised my readers needed to ‘see for themselves’ how to make things. Sometimes writing isn’t enough, for something unusual such as fermenting. 🙂

Susan Cowe Miller says

Great value blog Sarah. Managed to read a couple today!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Susan. You’re welcome.

verushka says

Thanks for the ideas ! Always need some motivation to make healthy choices.

Wendy Tomlinson says

Thanks Sarah, I’m always fascinated by what people have in their fridge.

Joy says

Some great inspiration Sarah. My fridge now contains goats milk kefir and my tub of resting kefir grains.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Joy! Am so happy that you jumped on the kefir train. 🙂

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