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How Do I Change My Eating Habits

How Do I Change My Eating Habits


It’s great to see you here today. I’ve been touched by the support for the launch of this blog, not just from my family and personal friends, but also business friends and even people I’ve not met or spoken to before on business forums I visit. Thank you so much.

So here we are. How exciting! We have much to learn together! I’m very much looking forward to hearing what you have to say here too!

So. Let’s do this!


Here are a few food teasers for you:

1. Do you know what almond meal is and how you can use it?
2. Which dates taste most like molten toffee? (Yum yum!)
3. Do you own a spiralizer?
4. Is a cold press or high-speed juicer best?
5. Can you make nut butter?
6. If you could make enough mayonnaise or pesto in a matter of minutes, would you be tempted to make your own?
7. Do you know how to make a creamy soup without using cream?
8. Have you heard of kefir milk?
9. Have you tasted raw chutney?

Life is busy and it’s easiest to stick with what we know. Frustratingly though, the wrong choices have a detrimental effect on our health.

And yet, when we try to improve our diets, there are so many debates raging on today about what is either good or bad for us, that sometimes it’s hard to know what’s best.

One thing’s for sure.  Farming has evolved drastically, as has the food that’s presented to us in retail outlets. And it’s not all positive change.

There’s also the issue of what’s hot and what’s not.  No sooner are we told something is the new super food, there’s another food that’s labelled as the new ‘evil.’  It can be soooo confusing.

how do I change my eating habits

If we look at the basics, it’s often only when someone faces a health crisis that they look to make minor or radical changes to the way they eat.

And don’t forget that stress and lifestyle plays just as much a factor in our health as diet.

So back to the big question:

How Do I Change My Eating Habits
The answer is, most likely: slowly.

If you’re not experiencing a health crisis that means you need to change everything pretty much straight away, you’re in a position where you can choose to make small changes each week or month that will move you towards general balanced health.

You may meet with resistance along the way from those around you, but keep in mind that any change is for you, not the person who may hope to sidetrack your intention.


For a good few years now, firstly through necessity – but never a chore – I have enjoyed making almost everything I eat from scratch and stick to organic food as possible.

As time has progressed, my cravings for the naughty foods I used to love – both sweet and savoury – has largely disappeared. I still have time out when away from home but much prefer to eat food that’s good for the body as often as possible.

How Do I Change My Eating Habits

Keep in mind that the right food choices for you won’t necessarily be the same for anyone else.

I find a happy balance is to enjoy your food and look to eat as well as you can at home, making it possible to take time out when you’re on the road (and are unable to carry your own food with you) or eating out in a place where your usual choices aren’t available.

I look forward to getting to know you!

How Do I Change My Eating Habits

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