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Healthy Sweet Treats

Last year a silver sister – someone I met through the silver community during my hair transition – wrote me the note below. It was such a lovely note to receive.

Sharing food ideas is one thing, but hearing from people who’ve read my posts that have made any significant changes to the way they eat, be it even ONE change (and let’s face it, one change can be HUGE) is so rewarding. It’s also what this is all about.

I know that Coertje has been sharing her new discoveries with friends and the word will spread further. How great is that?!

So how did this particular success story begin? I seem to recall a conversation in a Facebook group where Coertje mentioned her sweet tooth. I gave her a few suggestions for replacing her cravings and guided her to my blog post on chocolate orange sweets. She grabbed onto some ideas and worked out her own way of getting a new kind of chocolate fix.

And here it is! …

Healthy Sweet Treats

“You may have saved me! I went to the store, got some premade chocolate treat squares, and some dates – not the sweetest more expensive ones – I recognized the names of the two kinds of dates from your info, and some cacao nibs and some hulled hemp seed .. reminiscent of sesame seeds from your recipe. I just get a little bowl, cut the dates in half, and add some nibs and seeds and eat it with a spoon (I LOVE dark chocolate) and it’s great! Will definitely satisfy my sweets/chocolate craving!!! Thank you!!!”

Coertje chose the darkest, healthiest bought chocolate she could find. Even though I make my own sweets from scratch, we don’t all have time to do that. This is a great compromise, especially if you can find a chocolate that uses unrefined sugar. The rest of her new ingredients are all from whole foods. What a change from buying junk chocolate, with colours, preservatives, flavourings and goodness knows what else thrown in!

I always feel really happy reading messages from followers/online friends who are dancing to a new tune with food.

Please don’t forget to drop me a line and share your own story of how any of my articles may have resonated with you. I’d love to feature you here too!

And be sure to share with your own friends. You may just help someone to control their own sugar/chocolate/fizzy drink etc addiction by celebrating your personal achievements!

THANK YOU for keeping me in touch with your progress!

What change will you be making this month yourself? 😉

See you tomorrow, for Wednesday Wisdom.

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Nicole says

I love a bit of dark chocolate but for some reason I seem to have developed a taste for white chocolate recently! I don’t have much though just a bit every now and then. 🙂

Yvonne Dalzell says

Good idea sharing people’s inspiration to change their diet.

Paola says

A big change I have made recently was to lower my carbs intake (being Italian blooded, so it was like 90% of my food to now about 40% on my bad days), I am now focusing on protein. It is amazing the difference changes like that make.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Yup. Some carbs turn into sugars – and they can work at different rates (the glycemic index) so we need to keep an eye on what and how we consume them. 🙂

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