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healthy living

Healthy Living

I have some interesting reading for you today:  7 Vital Steps to Better Health!

Healthy Living

healthy living

1. Thyroid Health – Why so many people never know they have a thyroid issue.
2. Major Life Change – Why we sometimes need to make change
3. Your Medical Test Results – Why you should ask for them
4. Don’t Hide if You Need Advice.
5. Avoiding Autoimmune Conditions – The rub on auto immunes – they are extremely common!
6. The Importance of B Vitamins – and links to some useful websites
7. A Deserving ‘Trust’ – You are about to fall in love with little Noel! (Trust me on this one.  It’s impossible not to!)

 1. Thyroid Health

60% of people are unaware that they have a thyroid condition … or how to heal it.

healthy livingThyroid has been called a silent epidemic.  Both men and women can suffer from it.

There are some very useful groups on Facebook that support thyroid sufferers.

Try checking out the groups for Pernicious Anaemia (a low B12 issue).

Visit your doctor/healthcare practitioner.  Professional tests are important to ascertain your thyroid health.

The TSH isn’t a complete assessment of thyroid function. A good complementary practitioner will ask for TSH, TPO, Free T3 and T4 and C-Reactive Protein tests. These tests together offer a more rounded view of how the thyroid is functioning in your body.

Look after your thyroid health.

2. Major Life Change

Sometimes you have to be prepared to make major changes to reach or maintain optimum health

healthy living

  • Is your work or lifestyle stressing you out on a regular basis?
  • Are you eating all the wrong foods, but not doing anything about it?
  • Is any of the above taking a toll on your health?
  • Are your priorities in order?
  • Know yourself. 
  • Ask yourself tough questions.
  • If you know you’re doing the wrong thing work/lifestyle/diet-wise for your health ..
    • Do the right thing by yourself and  .. Change it!

3. Your Medical Test Results

Ask for them!


  • It is OUR responsibility to ask for result readings.
  • If you don’t ask, you won’t be able to read, learn and understand where your health is at.  And you won’t be able to ask relevant questions about it .. or take action yourself.
  • For instance, you may have a test result within the ‘normal’ range but may benefit from complementary health advice or diet change that deal with your symptoms rather than the numbers on a sheet.

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it’s about your health.



4. Don’t Hide if You Need Advice!

There’s no shame in reaching out to ask for help

healthy living

  • Ask friends, reach out on social media.
  • You’ll be surprised who will climb out of the woodwork to offer advice/contacts/the right person for you to see.

Ask.  There’s always someone out there who will be ready and willing to help you. 🙂





5. Avoiding Autoimmune Conditions!

Take control of your health sooner, not later

healthy livingCoeliac, Ulcerative Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Thyroid issues etc.  All of these are autoimmune disorders.

Having one autoimmune condition can lead to a person developing others (this is very common) which highlights the need to look after your body sooner, rather than later.

  • Did you know that high sugar diets can lead to autoimmune conditions?
  • Did you know that stress is a factor in triggering autoimmune conditioknowns?
  • Did you know that fermented foods have been scientifically proven to have disease-fighting capabilities?

Check this story from a reader who reversed the symptoms of several conditions in just ONE year with fermented food and drink.

Take nothing for granted. And keep ahead of the game.

6. The Importance of B Vitamins

Are you B deficient?  Again, read, learn, ask.  Your doctor can test your levels.

healthy livingCheck here for Chris Kresser’s take on B12 and the number of people who don’t even realise they may have a deficiency.

See the top ten B12 foods :

Here’s an interesting article on why B12 is important to the body and how so many people are deficient:

Here is a useful article that breaks down all the types of B vitamins, explains what they do for the body and how often we should be including them in our diets. It also details whether or not supplements are harmful.

Respect B Vitamins. 🙂

7. Little Noel and his mum, Shelly Bobbins

Please take a look at these links below and spread this vitally important message.

healthy livingI watched an emotional TV programme about a lovely family a while ago.

It was the story of Shelly Bobbins and how she and her family were coping, in challenging circumstances, with her son Noel’s disability.

Noel is an incredibly beautiful little boy.  Isn’t this photo just the best?! It always makes me smile. He is such a beautiful, cheerful soul.

Noah was born with 2% of his brain due to the build-up of fluid in his head. He was also born with Spina Bifida.

Taking vitamin B9 & B12 for 3 months before becoming pregnant can reduce the risk of Spina Bifida by up to 88%.

Spina Bifida sets in on the 14th day of conception so you don’t know you’re pregnant but your baby already has the condition.

Please help, by sharing this message, and Shelley’s Facebook and Website with your network of friends, family and colleagues!

Shelly’s Facebook page:

Noah’s Trust:

This website details how women should prepare their bodies for pregnancy:

The Good News!

Noel is doing incredibly well.

The most recent update (aka 28th Oct 2016; this blog post having originally been published on 28th Nov 2014) is that Noah has been defying medical science.

At the time of editing this post, he now has 80% brain function!!

Visit Shelley’s Facebook page to see Noah in action day to day and follow his progress.


We are lucky if we have access to both conventional and complementary medicine. Whatever you do, try to be informed, ask questions and .. look after yourself. x

See you soon!

Healthy Living

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katrina says

Love this! Especially #3. I suffered for many years with low thyroid function because my lab results were 1/10 of a point in the “normal” range. Finally I found a good doctor who was willing to find balance between the numbers and my symptoms. Now I need to work on managing the stress and making healthy choices for myself.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Great that you’re now getting on top of it all Katrina.

    Stress leads to cortisol depletion.
    Cortisol depletion leads to adrenal malfunction.
    Adrenal malfunction leads to disruption of the thyroid function.
    Our bodies are finely tuned machines ..

Robyn says

What a fabulous wealth of information Sarah! I have bookmarked this post so I can return to it and all of its information!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Robyn. Glad it’s something you feel you can refer to. That’s great. 🙂

Rebecca says

Wealth of knowledge here thank you Sarah! I particularly find the stuff about autoimmune issues very interesting with the link to sugar and the beautiful Trust for Noel. Can’t wait to explore these links.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Rebecca. Noel’s story touched my heart. They’re clearly a lovely family. Hope you find the links helpful.

Sam Pilling says

Blimey Sarah, this is an Encyclopaedia of knowledge. Fabulous. x

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you Sam!

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