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Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

When someone tells you: I recovered from toxic poisoning using raw and fermented food (and you’re as keen on those foods as I happen to be) they immediately have your attention!

Last year, after being introduced briefly at a local event, I received an email from Amaranatho, a man who had recently left a Monks’ order, after 12 years of practicing as a freelance monk in the UK.

He had a story to tell and his first email revealed the compelling headline above.

Intrigued, we corresponded by email briefly and agreed to meet when he was next in the area.

During a woodland walk, he shared his interesting story. I thought you may like to hear it too!

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods

Ama was living on an organic farm. There was mould in the apartment, and his health began to suffer. Initially, he treated the mould with tea tree oil, but that didn’t solve the issue of the mould in the room in which he was living … and neither did his health improve.

Over a period of six months, despite cutting added sugar from his diet, his health continued to go downhill and his weight dropped below a healthy level.

Alone in his search for a solution, he began eliminating more foods, living on a vegetarian diet filled with a majority of fresh vegetables and entirely cutting out fruit. He also went gluten, grain and dairy-free.

His symptoms were similar (but not diagnosed) to that of candida and a leaky gut.  Candida is when a yeast overgrowth occurs in the body; the candida albican being susceptible to further growth when fed sugars.

Although this made some difference, his body was still out of kilter and eventually he needed to leave his lodgings.

As a travelling monk, he decided to take work around the globe. During those travels he discovered ‘Jarrah Honey,’ produced only in Western Australia.

It’s important when choosing honey to buy it in it’s raw state. It’s only when raw that the product retains it’s anti-microbial qualities. Once heat treated and/or diluted with water (which many commercial brands do) that vital benefit is lost.

You can read more about it here:

Still not back to good health and whilst working at a counselling centre in Perth, Ama confided in his driver (monks aren’t permitted to drive) how much he would like to find a good naturopath.

His driver was a naturopath!

Before long she was helping him to find a way of using food and natural medicine together to support his body healing and eliminate the toxins.

Through reading and working with his healer, he made sauerkraut and ensured a ready supply of kraut juice. He moved onto make water kefir. Within six months his body was completely healed.

Check here for my pink sauerkraut recipe.


Regarding Candida, in Sandor Kratz’s book ‘The Art of Fermentation’ he suggests “restricting carbohydrate rich foods, meaning not only sugar, grains, fruits and potatoes, but also certain ferments made from them such as bread, alcoholic beverages, vinegar and possibly even komucha.”

He goes on to add “To compensate for the deprivation, other live-culture ferments, based on less carbohydrate rich foods such as vegetables or milk, even beans and meats, have lactic acid bacteria that can help to restore C.albicans to a more benign role.”

I would always suggest that if you have any kind of health issue, you consult with a professional about whether or not you should be taking fermented food and drink.

Have a great day and see you soon. 🙂

Health Benefits of Fermented Foods



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Sharyn says

I have Bronchiectasis also. Have you been cured with fermented food? Thanks for any input.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Bronchiectasis is permanant damage Sharyn. I had 5% damage in each lung at the time of my CT scan many years ago. A ‘wheat, cow’s dairy and refined sugar-free diet cleared up my cough within 3 weeks of starting the new diet. I didn’t give up all gluten, although I have since done that.

    I was still susceptible to infections until I started on fermented food and drink. And infections are the main thing you want to avoid with this condition, since any one of them can worsen the damage. I feel it’s now completely under control and my condition doesn’t appear to have worsened in the past decade.

    I know someone who had my level of bronchs at my age and is very unwell now – 20 years on, with constant lung infections and other complications.

    I can’t say if it will work for others, but I do totally believe that the diet changes I’ve made have controlled the progression of bronchs. If I come off my diet, my tickly throat returns and if I leave it for an extended time (even a few weeks) my susceptibility to viruses etc returns, which indicates that there’s a direct correlation between what I eat and how my lungs react.

    I have noticed that, as I’ve built up my body’s probiotic supply, I’m less susceptible to infections. The two viruses I had cleared without digging deeper, which had never happened before, in 20 years. Anyway, it’s a surefire reminder to stick with what I know works for me as much as I can.

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