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Healing with Fermented Drinks

I’m on the roller coaster of love!

I keep on falling in love with Kefir again and again.


It’s so beneficial to my health and whilst I started drinking it as a milk 2 years ago, there are so many wonderful things you can do with kefir milk to create culinary feasts that please the palate, at the same time as building your immune system.

Thus, my lovely, I’ve moved onto new delights ..

So there I was, tucking into HUGE bowls of ice cream every night. (Big smile.)

“HUGE bowls of ICE CREAM?!” I hear you ask.

And I even lost some weight. Without planning to. Ha ha.

Healing with Fermented Drinks

I’ve been creating some delicious recipes during the past few weeks, with many more to come in future. And I’ve discovered a love for ice cream I never had before. These are dairy and sugar free … and taste better than the real thing.


Yes! Better!

The texture and taste are divine and it’s a probiotic, as well as an first class food.  I know the exact content of each recipe, which gives me a guilt free reason to eat a HUGE bowl!



A girl’s allowed some ice cream pleasure now and again. Right? 😉

Ummm, well actually, she’s allowed it every day. Tee hee.

(I don’t ALWAYS eat huge bowls of it. I just fancied extra last week. Wink.)

10986644_10153566337391454_4502823857251004145_oThe more I read about kefir, the more I love it. I call the kefir bacteria ‘my little miracles.’ They are magical and help to make/keep our body’s good bacteria flourishing.

With 85% of our immune system now widely accepted to be in our gut, reaching a good balance of bacteria is vital.

Kefir helps to eliminate the bad bacteria whilst propagating the good.

And although it’s believed that they colonise and live on within us once we’ve eaten them, in my personal experience a regular top up is necessary, most especially if you’re vulnerable to germs and also during the germ’y season!




One day I will make sure the whole of the UK knows about kefir and fermented food and drink in general!

I hope my friends/readers in Australia and the U.S. – and beyond – will help me to keep spreading the Fermented Foody love!

I dearly want to spread the message as far as I can, so everyone has the chance to enjoy this incredible drink/food.


If you haven’t started making/taking it yet, please do. I know you will feed back positive news to me in a few months time!


Cristina’s Story

About 2 years ago I became very ill with chronic fatigue after being under unbelievable stress after experiencing a prolonged period of bad luck and negative experiences.

I just couldn’t shake the constant feeling of tiredness, depression, etc. also compounded by my lack of taking my food intolerances (mainly gluten) seriously.  Hello comfort foods ..

I looked up ways of making this stop and discovered probiotics, then discovered how to make them myself and that’s when I came across milk kefir and kombucha.

That summer I practically turned my house into a Kefir and Kombucha brewery and after a few weeks of religious consumption I started to reap the benefits. The kombucha helped my guts heal from the gluten abuse and the kefir helped with nutrients absorption and mood stabilization. It also helped to practically eliminate my sensitivity to dairy.

I was on my way to recovering from the chronic fatigue.

Oh and I only had one cold in 2 years which I got after a 10day road trip around Europe when it wasn’t possible for me to eat gluten free stuff!

No coughs

  • No flu
  • No other illnesses
  • Less period pains
  • Less grey hair
  • Less wrinkles
  • And almost all my energy back

I have now started making kefir using non-dairy drinks, to see if eliminating the milk will help further.

I must say, today was the first day and I already feel more energetic. So perhaps that’s the way to go for a while.

I used them at different times, one at a time, to test how each drink helped me.

The kefir helped with mood stabilisation.

The kombucha eliminated the bloating and the low grade discomfort I was feeling in the lower abdomen AND it allowed me to eat the occasional bite of normal bread without becoming ill afterwards. It also helped with joint pain and with the liver. 

The Fermented Foody Summary

Firstly, I LOVE to read success stories such as Cristina’s.

Secondly, I love that kefir and fermented food in general all work in unique ways for each person.

Kefir has enjoyed more scientific studies than kombucha to date and has been my favourite. However, the best evidence for both seems to be largely in the human stories.

If you’d like to meet Cristina in person, you can find her here: http://smartfitnessmakeover.com

See you soon for more fun’n’frolics with fermented food!

Until then ..








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Debra Valentino says

I used to enjoy drinking kefir many years ago. Think I’d like to reintroduce myself to it. I’m lactose intolerant but I just read that it might be a good thing for that.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Yes, it’s been known to help intolerances Debra. Do give it a go. I’d love to hear how you get on!


What an impressive healing! i had to share on G+.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Amazing, isn’t it Carol! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

Karen says

Great article. I heard so much about the benefits of kefir in recent weeks, it’s like the universe tapping me on the shoulder and saying hey, you need this!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Karen. Yes, the benefits of kefir are being talked about more and more. Am so happy about that. I know you’ll benefit from it!

trenna says

What kind of ice cream – recipe for ice cream? purchase it.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hi Trenna

    They will be coming soon in Ebooks. I’ll let you know when by posting on the blog.

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