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Hats and Badgers

So, the decision’s been made.  Silver it is then!

Now, of course, it’s time to start considering how I’m going to deal with this transition malarkey.

What to do.  What to do?

I’ve chatted on-line to women who’ve tried every which way of approaching this issue.

What To Do With Multi-Coloured Locks

Some, with flowing locks, leave it long until/unless they feel unable handle the colour difference.  At that juncture they may opt for:

  • Mid Length – Safe (although still a wrench for anyone with waist length locks).
  • A Bob – Daring for some.
  • A Pixie – Most would need to carefully consider this option. It’s a biggie!

To get through the transition people try:

  • Bleaching
  • High-lighting
  • Tints
  • Home-sourced methods of stripping colour
  • Weaves
  • Fancy ‘up-do’s
  • Clip-in extensions
  • Wigs
  • Hair Pieces
  • Special shampoos/products/treatments/

You name it, I’ve been reading about it. 😉

It all sounds a little daunting to someone who’s life-long routine has been regular root touch up and a daily 10 minute wash’n’rough dry, with just a slick of conditioner.

Normal Friends? (No Thanks!)

I’ve been busy making lovely new social media friends (in my secret places).

And it was one of those very women who inspired me to ditch the dye, after a fun chat during which we clocked that not only had we both last coloured on around the same date but were also blessed with a similar sense of humour.

The deal was struck!

Of course, like buses, another fabulous sister joined us in the queue.  And another.  All of us have been leaning on the dark side.

Of hair colour. 😉

Talk of pixie cuts dominated a group of several silver foxes one afternoon recently and without warning, one of my 3 newbies announced she was about to take drastic measures.

“I’m going IN!” she posted the following lunch-time.


Shoulder length mane to pixie AND dark brown to pale blonde in ONE swift session? (She even had a new dark streak added to the fringe, just to add to the statement!)

Now I know this is ‘only’ hair – and yes, we need to keep it in perspective at all times – but I have to say my level of respect hit the roof.

‘I’ve worn a pixie before.  I like immediate results.  And I’m different.’ she reassured us.  *Or words that were similar, anyway.

Me.  Likey.

I mean, there I am, busy saluting her bold approach to this project whilst simultaneously wimpering at the mere ‘thought’ of cutting my not-exactly-extravagant tresses.

There’s only one way to beat the potential blues.

Raid every cupboard and storage shelf for hats/scarves/anything that may provide an interim solution when the ‘skunk stripe’ makes a little more ‘noise.’ (For photographers and people in film, let’s call that ‘white’ noise. Arf Arf.)

I should note here that ‘skunk’ is the name I’ve seen many women calling the widening silver stripe on the crown of the head.  It has many names, most of which I forget.  Not all appear to be popular.

I’m not familiar with hair-protocol in the main, but I’m going to create my own.  

You know me.


Introducing Ben The Badger

Badgers are indigenous to the good old UK.  So he’s now my buddy for the next few months.

Let’s call him … Ummmmmm …

Well you’ve just seen the heading. 😉

Hello, Ben the Badger.

Aw. I’ve just gotten myself another new friend. (Emotive sigh.)


Ben’s just a baby at the moment. Do you see him on the left? In normal light he looks silvery and in the sun he looks ever so pretty and white.






I can’t say I’m quite as keen on him when I pull my hair back.  But we’re working on that part of our relationship. Early days.  Early days.



How To Be A Wicked ‘Hat Mummy’

I’ve always aspired to wear hats but not felt as though they suit me too well.  They tend to be bought, then stored.  Poor little sausages get one or two outings at best before they’re doomed to a life of darkness.

What a wicked ‘hat mummy’ I am.

But now? Joy! Hello little babies.  I’m coming to fiiiiiiiind youuuuuuuuu ….!

Don’t get yourself too excited, but here’s my smart phone, ‘selfie’ ‘Hat Fashion Parade’ from last week.

Just for you .. 😉



I quite like this one.  It does feel rather stumpy though.  If I pull it down far enough to cover my ears, it also covers half my vision.  Still.  It’s suitably ‘Hollywood’ in its white fluffiness, so this is currently on the cards for cold winter days.






You visit a country summer fayre, buy a pair of country boots and next minute, you need the jacket, the hat and .. well .. just a lodge in the country to match! (Worn once.)






Okay. This is waaaay to much fabric to actually be practical (not visible, but I had to fold the scarf 4 times to fit on my tiny, girly little head). (Ahem.)

I’m thinking ‘hippy-60’s-overweight-dark-Twiggy-non-lookalikey’ …






Sticking with the scarf theme, I wondered if I could rock a winter colour …

Until I’m advised by another silver sister that when she adopted this ‘look,’ a woman in church invited her to join her prayer group, thinking she was ill.

Oh dear.






This was never going to really work for me.

Was it ….





Another random purchase on a winter trip abroad.

It’s my ‘in case there’s snow’ hat.

(When it snows, I then manage without.)




So … that’s my entire collection of ‘headwear.’ Minus a fluffy hat ring (similar to the Hollywood hat, but without a top.)

As you can see, it’s not something I’ve indulged in with much vigour.

However, needs must my dahhhhling! So if you notice someone wandering around looking self conscious in a few weeks time, ignore her.  It’s just me, dealing with the fact that Ben has experienced a growth spurt and parted the Dead Sea.

Coming Up …

On Friday we’ll zip back to the 80’s.

I know. You’re horrified.

But it may make you smile … 😉

Are you tempted to join me yet? Come on.  I know there are already a few ‘lurkers.’ 😉

Till Friday!


About the Author Sarah Jackson

I love to experiment with food, write poetry, read, walk in nature, take iphone photographs, sing, cycle, watch good movies, documentaries, dramas and comedy.

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Corinne Rodrigues says

I had the shortest hair for ages – then grew it in my early 40s only to chop it off again. Now, I’m happy with my curly peppered shoulder length hair.
Can you believe that the only I’ll tolerate on my head is a peak cap in summer! When I was little my Dad tried to persuade me to wear a hat to church. He said “It makes you look good.” To which I promptly replied, “Then you wear it!”
You, Sarah, will look lovely no matter what you do!♥

    Sarah Jackson says

    I love that story Corinne! Thanks for sharing it. I met two retired ladies yesterday who said they’ve never coloured their hair. They both had super thick, good quality locks. There’s a lot to be said for it I reckon! (Thanks for your kind words.)

Wendy Tomlinson says

Brilliant post. Until late 2014 I was still trying to convince myself I was blonde. Hmm, so not! Anyway I decided to have my hair hi-lighted/low lighted (not sure). Anyway the idea was go darker with some blonde highlights. Well I did on one occasion have to have a quiet word with my son to ask if I looked like Cruella Deville. He assured me I didn’t but then went on to say I did look a bit scary. Thankfully things settled down and I’ve managed without any colour being added since October. I’m keeping it reasonable short. Shoulder length and regular trims.

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hahaha. Cruella! Oh Wendy, I’m sure it didn’t look too scary 😉

    A friend wrote to me yesterday to say her requested ‘silver’ streak is ash brown (in her black hair) and her roots are now blue black, not black!

    Glad to hear that it’s all settled down for you. I met two ladies today, one silver variations, one white. Both retired. They said they’d never coloured it in their life. I wonder why I ever did? This transition is going to be SO drastic (I think I’m mainly white) .. Ain’t hindsight a wonderful thing …? 😉

carol says

That time I used L’Oreal Platinium for darker hair to lighten & Redken ShadesEQ 09T to glaze with, followed by a L’Oreal Power Dose. Now I would use Redken Flash Lift or Pravana Lightening Powder with Olaplex and Pravana Vivids Silver to glaze. Feel free to email me personally with any questions 🙂

    Sarah Jackson says

    Will do. Thanks Carol.

Sherry says

I’ve never dyed my hair … my sister used to insist that I must be dying my hair because it was so black still. But I reckon it’s my Italian heritage. I’m definitely starting to see more white hairs now (at 51) but from a distance, my hair still looks as black as a crow’s feathers.

    Sarah Jackson says

    HOW lucky are YOU Sherry? Wow. My mum didn’t have a silver hair until around 48. I started at 28. My middle brother had a few near his temples in his early 20’s. Enjoy your luscious locks with gratitude! 😉

Robyn says

This is fun, light and, well….TRUE!! I look at my locks everyday and it appears the grey are like rabbits….more every morning!
Great post Sarah….per usual!! HUGS

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hope they’re as cute and fluffy Robyn. 😉 Hugs back.

Sam Pilling says

Hmmm… not ready for grey just yet. Why is it that the grey ones poke out like wires at funny angles from your head? They’re just attention grabbing little blighters!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Haha. Well Sam, maybe they’re trying to ask you not to colour them? 😉

    Keep one thing in mind … if you do colour, one day you’ll have a year where you have to transition like I am. It’s not an easy time for most people (there are exceptions of course) so I guess it’s a toss up. Colour and then the grow out. Or allow it to come in naturally and maybe see how gorgeous it can look, embrace it and it all happens slowly and discreetly.

    I’ve seen tons of photos of great looking women in their 20’s who started greying before the age of 10 or in their teens and decided they didn’t want a life of colouring, so went silver in their 20’s. They’re out there. We just don’t notice them until we’re in ‘the zone.’ 🙂

carol says

First time around I did a whole head full of teeny tiny hghlights glazed to look grey, worked fab! I’m a hairdresser so I have access to really great colorists & product for minimal $… I know, not fair 🙂 BUT it only took one time & it grew out very well!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Oooh Carol! I asked my hairdresser last week if we could do that but he worried that bleaching my hair as blonde as possible, then tinting it grey would ruin my hair. I REALLY wanted to go that route. Tell me more!! I’d love to hear from you on email if you can share the products you used to keep your hair in good condition after doing that. Stories abound of highlighting, hair turning to straw and having to be cut off bit by bit.

Vidya Sury says

I am a wimp when it comes to being gutsy with my hair! Now I know I waited too long because half of it has bid me goodbye and the remaining, will no longer listen to me. Hmph!

I am considering buying a lovely wig just to play with – preening in front of the mirror. 😀 I’ve always wanted to wear a hat – but the closest I’ve come is a straw hat with bright felt flowers.

I think you look smashing in the hat, Sarah. You’re very pretty.

And yes, I am completely with you on ditching the hair dye. Just thinking about keeping up with it is so tiring!

I thoroughly enjoyed this post! 😀

    Sarah Jackson says

    Hey Vidya, it sounds as though you’re considering this yourself. You know, a lot of women talk about how their hair loss stopped happening when they ditched the dye. There’s not enough research to know why some people react, but so many people have sensitivities to food and chemicals and sometimes the chemicals in hair dye can be a reason that our health/hair is negatively affected. I’ve read stories about full health returning and also many stories about women experiencing new hair growth in abundance when they go natural.

    Glad you enjoyed the post! Would be happy to journey with you. I’m only 7 weeks in.

Morena says

I love your humour Sarah!
I never dyed my hair and I am starting to get to this point of dilemma…!
I’m on denial at the moment…

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thanks Morena!

    It’s not always an easy decision to drop the colour and it’s good to have thinking time before you go ahead. There’s a great FB group called 1000 Silver Women run by Kama J Frankling. You can see transitions there and learn how women get through them.

Eunice says

I started with going grey/silver at 21. Coloured it, left it, cut it, grew it and now have decided to stop.
Am I going gracefully now????? Hell no.. Shocking pink it has been for over 18 months and i wouldnt change a thing. Embrace what ever makes you feel the best.

    Sarah Jackson says

    I heartily agree Eunice. We have to do what makes us feel best! (And pink rather does suit you. 😉

Sarah Arrow says

as I understand it, pixie and then forget about it is the way to go. You can’t seem to do it any other way with diginity, even the highlights start to looks rough after a while. My grandmother went blonde and then faded her hair until it was a pale blonde, she was a dark brunette. My other grandmother stopped dying and then had a bob. Both looked good. I need to lose a few (50) pounds and then brazen it out with a pixie cut!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I reckon that you’re right in the respect that it’s not an easy ride Sarah. I’ve not seen dark/silver transitions that looked like they were a breeze and most women have said that 5-6 months is a particularly difficult time.

    If someone suits headbands/hats and has a lifestyle where they can get away with wearing them during the toughest part and if they have hair that’s easy to style and they have the patience (!) (some manage to disguise or blend the colour differences and look pretty funky) then it’s do-able.

    Me? I have a feeling I’ll get to a point where I can’t handle the colour difference and that’s when I’ll need to brave it out and get it cut. How short? Don’t know. Ouch. Not ready to talk about it yet. Lol.

    Oh! Me too. Wanna shed some pounds first. I don’t feel my face suits short at this weight. And will need new specs too!

    Get started on the weight loss then Mrs A. You could start your transition when I’m about ready for the chop! 😉

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