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pancake recipe

Gluten Free Pancake

Introducing Cardiff Mummy to you!

A few weeks ago I was mooching about in a mum’s blogging forum and happened upon a blog post from Cardiff Mummy.

She was singing the praises of her husband’s delicious, American-style blueberry pancakes.

They’re a birthday treat in her household .. and also breakfast for house guests.  (I think she may have a queue of eager house guests now I’ve let that cat out of its bag. 😉

Here’s the blog post, should you already be salivating and wish to indulge in similar ..


Whenever I read about food, I find that ideas spring to my mind and I either bank them or fancy making a variation on the theme.  There are a lot of foods I avoid in general these days, so I usually find myself messing about with new ingredients.  Sometimes it works.  And sometimes it doesn’t! 😉

I posted a response on Cardiff  Mummy’s blueberry blog post and she asked that if I ever come up with a healthier version, to let her know.

This is still a work in progress .. I’ll let you know about the additions I plan to make next time at the end of this post .. but this is the dish I created soon after. (The raspberries could be replaced with blueberries, but I didn’t have blueberries to hand that day and I was feeling inspired, so I just used what I had in the cupboards and fridge!)

This will make 1 large, wheat free pancake with no sugar .  Or 2 smaller ones.  I made one (but did keep half for the next day. Honest! 😉

Ooh, Really?!

Almond Meal (which we’re going to use in this recipe) is simply whole almonds, ground finely to a powder.

You can use it like you would a flour.  Obviously it’s different to normal flours, but it’s one of the many products that can be used when replacing normal flours.

Most health shops sell it or – if you have a high speed blender with a dry jug – (i.e. one for grinding dry ingredients to make things like coffee powder from beans or flour from nuts etc) you can make your own flour from whole nuts in seconds.

Almond meal is pale, so I would suggest using blanched almonds if you’re making your own.

Gluten Free Pancake

wheat free pancake recipeGather Your Goodies

For the wheat free Pancake:

1 Cup Almond Meal

1 Large Egg

1/4 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk (You could use kefir almond milk for this – the bacteria will be killed during the cooking process, but you’d still be using a ‘pre-digested food’, which is easier on the digestive system)

1/4 Teaspoon Baking Soda

10 ml Goat’s Butter (I used softened butter and measured this in a measuring spoon)

1 Teaspoon Coconut Oil

For the Topping:

Kefir Milk

Coconut Kefir Cream Cheese

Fresh Raspberries

Palm Sugar

Drizzle of Maple Syrup, Malt Rice Syrup, Light Agave Syrup or Honey

It’s Action Time!

Whisk together your egg, milk and goat’s butter.

Add the baking soda to the almond meal and mix through the flour thoroughly.

Add your dry mix into the wet mix (I added mine in two parts) whisking after each addition.

I use a tall plastic vessel for mixing small volumes.  You can buy them with a long, electric whisk, will handle up to 6-8 eggs at a time (for family omelettes) .. They’re great for making recipes like this, as the splatting liquid is contained in the vessel! Well, it’s good for clumsy people like meee, anyway! 😉

Remove the mixture with a long spatula and onto a board.  Pat it into a round shape (or two) – keeping them nice and thick.

Use a large, flat spatula to place your pancake into the pan where you have hot coconut oil melted.

Pat down your wheat free pancake mixture into the pan. It will cook pretty quickly, so keep the heat up to get a lightly browned pancake.

Flip the pancake and once both sides are browned, remove onto a clean plate.

To dress the dish, spoon a generous blob of coconut kefir cream cheese onto the top of the pancake, dress with fruit of your choice and pour a little coconut kefir milk onto the plate, to add some extra moisture (and probiotics!) to each tasty mouthful!

Finally, sprinkle with a very light dusting of palm sugar (less than teaspoon) and a very fine drizzle of honey (or similar).

pancake recipeSomething to Bear in Mind:

In the photo I used a little shake of Xylitol to dress the dish and give a slight crunch.  I bought a packet some months ago but have found no use for it.

I don’t add sugar to many things and when I do it’s usually palm sugar or honey. (I’ll write a post about sugar soon, as it’s quite a big subject.)

So the ‘sugar’ you see in the final dish today is Xylitol.  I forgot to drizzle honey before I took the photo, but it does add a lovely stickiness to the pancake and you don’t need much.  The mix of the crunch and stickiness, alongside the fruit, milk and softness of the pancake are lovely.

BUT .. although Xylitol is hailed as one of the best replacement sugars by the health industry, I found this post today (!) and am now questioning it’s status.  I’m not really a fan of it.  To me, it’s always looked quite ‘chemical’ which is why this article probably resonated with me.  I will read more, because I never rely on one source, but if you have anything to tell me that you know about Xylitol, please do share in the comment box! Thank you.


Next time I will use palm sugar, something I’ve used for years as my sugar replacement.  Again, I hardly ever use it, but I’ll talk about sugars another time.

Other Ways to Present this Dish:

I’m testing all my recipes on neighbours’ children and I know that children are unlikely to enjoy the flavour of the kefir as it is in this recipe. It’s sour milk and unless you are used to it, it’s good to flavour it a little.

I LOVE it. YOU may love it at first sip too! But if not, you can dress it up really easily for yourself and any children who may live with you or sit at your kitchen table any-time! 😉

Making the kefir milk fruity:

  • Firstly, pop your milk kefir into a blender.
  • Add fruit of your choice and then pour onto the plate, around your pancake.
  • The fruit flavour literally ‘instantly’ changes the kefir milk beyond recognition.

Children love fruity flavours and I went from zero on the kefir here (they loved the fruit and pancake!) to 10/10 when I use the VERY SAME kefir cheese and milk as the one in this dish, added some strawberries and a couple of other ingredients and froze it.  Suddenly it’s strawberry ice-cream and it gets top marks. 😉

The way I’m creating recipes now is to look to make them yummy for children too, so they can enjoy eating these healthy foods and get their probiotics.

Making the kefir cream cheese fruity:

  • Stir some blended fruit into the kefir cream cheese to make it yummy.
  • Just put a few berries into a blender, add a little honey or something similar, to sweeten to your taste.
  • Stir enough of the fresh or fermented fruit coulis into the cream to flavour it.

The cream cheese will be a little less firm but it really doesn’t matter, so long as children – and YOU – love it!

Adding fermented fruit:

Try topping with fermented fruit, for even more probiotics! (Fermented fruit are soft, slightly tart and totally gorgeous. The fermentation process eats the sugars, but add a drizzle of sweetener if you need it once your ferment is ready.)

Final Note:

The reason I haven’t added fruit to the pancake recipe itself is because if the fruit is fermented, you don’t want to be heating them up, as that will kill the probiotics.

You can pile as much fresh or fermented fruit on top as you like and by making the pancakes plain, you can please every guest at the table by offering a variety of toppings! 🙂

Perhaps one day I’ll come up with a non-nut pancake too! But for now, I hope you enjoy this recipe.

Catch you tomorrow.

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