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Fruit Sorbet

It’s almost the week-end.  And another glorious week of weather behind us in the London area!



Today, I’d like to share a simple raw dessert idea that I learned in Thailand during my first visit in 2009.

Relaxing outside a jungle house, my first ‘raw food lesson’ took place at a vast wooden table, protected from jungle rain (which we didn’t see!) by a beautiful, hand crafted bamboo roof.

To be honest, it couldn’t have been more magical.

I returned to home soil with fresh eyes and a host of ideas on how to change the way I ate.

This is a fun way to eat a raw snack, with a drizzle of coconut/date or rice syrup and perhaps something toasty sprinkled over the top.


Gather Your Goodies



Bananas/ Mangoes/ Pineapple/ or Raspberries

or … any fruit you love that you’d like to use to make a sorbet!

It’s Action Time!

  • Chop your chosen fruit into small chunks and place it in a zip lock bag in the freezer.
  • Leave until frozen.
  • Pop fruit in a high speed blender and use your tamper tool to quickly create a lovely fruit sorbet
  • Remember to add some nuts or seeds for a good protein. This will slow down the absorption of sugars and help with digestion.







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Nicole says

MANGO! Definitely – what a great and simple idea! Why haven’t I ever thought of this? I’ve made fro-yo with fat free yogurt and berries blended first and then frozen. But your way, you don’t have the added sugar/sweetener from the yogurt and I bet the flavour is fab! Will def be trying this soon! Thank you x

    Sarah Jackson says

    My pleasure! This is just so quick and refreshing Nicole. It’s particularly wonderful in hot weather. And yes, no need to sweeten, although a little topping is rather fun. That’s in my blog post today! This is one of my fave super speedy desserts. x

Robyn says

I’m loving all of the recipes. Several of them have made it onto my healthy eating Pinterest board!! Keep em coming!!

    Sarah Jackson says

    Thank you for sharing Robyn. Appreciate that. Glad you love them! There are plenty more where the rest came from. My mind is constantly buzzing! 😉

Adriana says

Oh I like the juicer idea! So simple!

    Sarah Jackson says

    I couldn’t live without my juicer. I use it to juice and to mince my sweets. It’s one my kitchen babies Adriana! Indispensable.

Jessica says

Yuuummmm . . . I love making banana “ice cream” this way, I’ll have to try it with other fruits. Mango sounds amazing. Looking forward to the toppings!

    Sarah Jackson says

    They’re simple toppings, but overlooked by many Jessica. 🙂 … Scheduled for Monday! Have a great week-end.

Tamsin says

Ohhh yum – strawberry sorbet is my favourite!

    Sarah Jackson says

    It’s all their for the making Tamsin! And the week-end is here, so all you need to do is go buy those strawberries. 😉

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